The 6 Rarest and Most Expensive Essential Oils on the Planet: Are They Worth It?

Besides the fact that they’re natural and versatile, essential oils are loved by many because of their affordability. For instance, just one bottle of lavender essential oil can treat headaches, anxiety, bacterial infections and inflammation without costing more than ten dollars. Click Here To Quickly View This Page In One Image! Rarest and Most Expensive […]

The Complete Guide To Selecting The Perfect Carrier Oil

If you’re interested in using essential oils for their therapeutic properties, you’re going to need to know a thing or two about carrier oils. Derived from the fatty parts of plants, carrier oils are oils with which you can dilute essential oils. Because essential oils can cause irritation when applied directly to the skin, it’s […]

How Essential Oils May Help Naturally Reduce The Appearance Of Unsightly Cellulite

No woman wants to look in the mirror and see cellulite looking back at her. The appearance of dimpled skin on the upper legs and buttocks area can cause incredible embarrassment. Sadly, many women who have cellulite feel incredibly self-conscious about their appearance. However, it’s possible that essential oils can actually help with this extremely […]

These Must-Have Essential Oils Can Kill Bacteria On Contact

Many homes around the country are filled with a wide variety of bacteria-killing products. From antibiotic medications to commercial household sprays, it’s clear that we’re all trying to avoid coming into contact with these disease-carrying microorganisms as much as possible.   If you’re ready to ditch the commercial products and switch to natural, plant-based solutions […]

8 Ways To Enhance Your Wedding With Essential Oils

Essential oils offer a wide range of benefits that can enhance our everyday lives. From their amazing insect-repelling abilities to their profound effects on our emotional well-being, essential oils improve our health and well-being tremendously. When it comes to your wedding day, there are ways to incorporate essential oils that will improve the overall experience […]

Balance Your Chakras With Essential Oils And Live a More Harmonious Life

Chakras are wheels of energy that exist within our subtle bodies. We all possess seven chakras that start from the top of the head to the base of the spine. These chakras are believed to heavily influence our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. A healthy person maintains an even flow of energy between all seven […]

7 Underrated Essential Oils That Belong In Your Collection

You don’t have to be an aromatherapy guru to know that tea tree essential oil kills fungus and lavender essential oil can alleviate stress and anxiety. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are many essential oils out there that never seem to get their fair share of appreciation. That’s why we’ve decided […]

Embrace Springtime With These Essential Oils

At last, spring is right around the corner. Many people feel an immediate improvement in their mood and overall well-being when sunny, mild spring weather comes around. If you’re ready to embrace this beautiful time of year, there are plenty of essential oils that can help. Between fighting allergy symptoms, getting that spring cleaning out […]

Can Essential Oils Treat Cancer? Here’s What Science Has To Say

One of the most exciting categories of research regarding essential oils is their ability to both treat and prevent certain types of cancer. It goes without saying that cancer can be a devastating illness. Similarly, many treatment options come with a host of unwanted side effects. If you’re interested in exploring holistic, natural alternatives to […]

Essential Oils and Your Pets: What You Need to Know

We all know that essential oils can most definitely improve our lives in many ways. But, did you know that there are essential oils that can improve the well-being of our furry friends? If you’re interested in using essential oils to help your pets, there are some important things to know. For one thing, not […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Blending Essential Oils

If you’re intimidated by the idea of creating essential oil blends, you’re not the only one. Most people who have just begun to dive into the world of aromatherapy are eager to begin creating their own signature blends. However, without a basic understanding of how fragrances interact with each other, many people can feel apprehensive […]

21 Unexpected Uses For Essential Oils That Will Simplify Your Life

Sure, we all know that lavender essential oil can alleviate stress and that tea tree oil can kill fungus. But, did you know that peppermint oil can cure hiccups in virtually no time? How about the fact that grapefruit oil is the perfect product for washing your fruits and vegetables? In addition to their numerous […]

15 Mind-Blowing Ways To Enhance Everyday Products With Essential Oils

With their incredible healing properties, essential oils can improve our lives in so many ways. These oils are heavily concentrated, allowing them to treat countless ailments with just a couple of drops. For this reason, essential oils can be added to everyday products in order to enhance their benefits. For instance, did you know that […]

7 Myths About Essential Oils That Need To Go Away Forever

Click Here To Quickly View This Page In One Image! Essential Oils Myths Infographic Myth #1: Essential Oils Don’t Work One of the most common myths about essential oils is that they simply don’t work. Of course, there will always be skeptical people who choose to believe that all forms of natural health are ineffective. […]

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Very Best Diffuser For Your Essential Oils

If you’re new to aromatherapy, you’re probably on the market for an oil diffuser. These amazing products give you the ability to fill the air with wonderful essential oils. In addition to making your home smell amazing, these essential oils can treat various health ailments because of the potency of their chemical compounds. In other […]

These Essential Oils Will Soothe Bug Bites Fast

It’s amazing how much bug bites can ruin our summer plans. Once we’ve been bitten, it feels like that annoying itchiness is all that we can think about. Fortunately, there are several essential oils that can virtually treat a bug bite within seconds.   All of the essential oils listed below have unique healing properties […]

13 Household Hacks that Use Essential Oils

If your goal of 2018 is to live a more holistic lifestyle, it’s time to reexamine the products that you use around your home. Toxic, irritating chemicals can be found in everything from your all-purpose cleaner to your air freshener spray. Essential oils, however, are completely natural and safe to use. A wide variety of […]

5 Ways that Essential Oils Can Be Used in Place of Popular Medicines Topic Based List Post

If you’re like most people, you have a medicine cabinet that’s bursting with bottles and tubes of over-the-counter and prescription medications. In what many experts describe as an over-medicated society, most Americans have a medication for every kind of symptom. But, just how safe are these medications? Thanks to a tremendous amount of government-funded clinical […]

6 Amazing Essential Oils That Will Get You Through The Long Winter Months

For many people, the months of winter are nothing short of magical. Between the peaceful white snow, the joyous holidays and the opportunities to cuddle up beneath cozy blankets on chilly evenings, it seems like wintertime is all about making memories with your loved ones. Of course, winter comes with some drawbacks as well. Not […]

The Best Essential Oils For Treating Eczema In A Safe, Natural And Inexpensive Way

Eczema is a fairly common skin condition that causes patches of skin to become dry, itchy, red and sometimes painful. Simply put, eczema is a form of inflammation. As you may know, inflammation can have many causes. Therefore, it can be difficult for eczema sufferers to treat the underlying cause of their condition. Most often, […]

These Essential Oils Can Eliminate Nausea Within Seconds

More often than not, nausea is a symptom that appears in order to alert your body that something is wrong. Causes for nausea range from pregnancy to migraines. Regardless of the cause, nausea can be cripplingly uncomfortable and can drastically interfere with a person’s ability to execute certain tasks.     Nausea is often a […]

Essential Oils That Can Treat Fibromyalgia Symptoms Naturally

Fibromyalgia is a potentially debilitating condition that affects the entire body by causing inflammation of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to chronic, widespread pain, fibromyalgia can cause a wide variety of symptoms that interfere with a person’s ability to function on a daily basis. Sadly, many things about this condition are still unknown, making it […]