The 6 Rarest and Most Expensive Essential Oils on the Planet: Are They Worth It?

Besides the fact that they’re natural and versatile, essential oils are loved by many because of their affordability. For instance, just one bottle of lavender essential oil can treat headaches, anxiety, bacterial infections and inflammation without costing more than ten dollars. Click Here To Quickly View This Page In One Image! Rarest and Most Expensive […]

The Complete Guide To Selecting The Perfect Carrier Oil

If you’re interested in using essential oils for their therapeutic properties, you’re going to need to know a thing or two about carrier oils. Derived from the fatty parts of plants, carrier oils are oils with which you can dilute essential oils. Because essential oils can cause irritation when applied directly to the skin, it’s […]

How Essential Oils May Help Naturally Reduce The Appearance Of Unsightly Cellulite

No woman wants to look in the mirror and see cellulite looking back at her. The appearance of dimpled skin on the upper legs and buttocks area can cause incredible embarrassment. Sadly, many women who have cellulite feel incredibly self-conscious about their appearance. However, it’s possible that essential oils can actually help with this extremely […]

These Must-Have Essential Oils Can Kill Bacteria On Contact

Many homes around the country are filled with a wide variety of bacteria-killing products. From antibiotic medications to commercial household sprays, it’s clear that we’re all trying to avoid coming into contact with these disease-carrying microorganisms as much as possible.   If you’re ready to ditch the commercial products and switch to natural, plant-based solutions […]

8 Ways To Enhance Your Wedding With Essential Oils

Essential oils offer a wide range of benefits that can enhance our everyday lives. From their amazing insect-repelling abilities to their profound effects on our emotional well-being, essential oils improve our health and well-being tremendously. When it comes to your wedding day, there are ways to incorporate essential oils that will improve the overall experience […]

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