Vaporizer Vs. Diffuser: Their Differences and the Benefits They Offer

Guest contribution by Got Oil Supplies. To achieve the perfect home ambiance, many people turn to their vaporizers and diffusers. This is for them to make sure that the air around their homes is filled with a soothing and calming aroma. These two tools help in making your home a more comfortable and relaxing environment […]

Aromatherapy Accessories

Best 5 Essential Oil Brands & Companies of 2019

So, you’re looking to dig into the wonderful world of essential oils. This begs a very important question: What are the best essential oil brands and companies of 2019? While it’s a valid question, it is somewhat subjective. Are you looking for the highest quality of oil? Are you looking for a brand that offers […]

Candles & Meditation

Essential Oil Antibiotic Bomb Recipe

Traditional prescription drugs certainly serve a purpose. And when someone is suffering from a serious sickness – especially if they’ve been hospitalized – medical care may be necessary. From a macro level, though, various illnesses seem to be “over-treated” with antibiotics. Even the medical profession warns against the over-prescription of antibiotics (hence, a big reason […]

What Can I Give My Cat for Pain After Being Declawed?

Also called onychectomy, the procedure for declawing a cat can be stressful. Not only the lead-up to the operation, but the recovery process, when your cat won’t be her usually self. The last thing you want is to see your pet in pain and stressed out. So what can you give your cat to relieve […]

Essential Oils to Help Curb and Decrease Appetite

Are you trying to lose weight but feel as if your fighting an uphill battle with your own body? If so, you are one among millions. Fortunately, you don’t just have to rely on crippling diets to cut out weight. There are natural remedies like essential oils that can help you curb and decrease your […]

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