What is the Best Essential Oil For Anxiety?

Lavender Plant on Wood

There are plenty of natural remedies for stress relief, including the healing power of all organic essential oils. If you’re looking for a more natural solution, consider the tips we’ve outlined in this article. So, you may be asking, what is the best essential oil for anxiety? Lavender? Frankincense, maybe? Due to the complexity of … Read more

Best Ways to Use Essential Oils For Health

Essential oils can offer a valuable contribution to any health and wellness plan – directly impacting both your mental and physical well-being. With a wealth of important properties, essential oils provide relief from a range of symptoms, ease tension and anxiety, elevate mood, and even enhance cognition. Each oil will offer different effects, depending on … Read more

Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendants & Lockets


The power of smell is, well, powerful. Smell can pleasing, and not so pleasing. An unexpected scent can ignite memories of the past. Smells interconnect with the limbic system, the part of the body that feels, inspires, and motivates. That’s why more and more people are hopping on the aromatherapy bandwagon. It can soothe, calm, and … Read more

Why You Should Use Essential Oils

Fresh Lavender

Guest contribution by Nina Wells Essential oils can be a wonderful way to treat a variety of ailments, increase your home’s defences against cold and flu, bacteria and viruses, help to purify the air around you, and offer a whole host of benefits too numerous to name. They’re a great alternative or a fantastic compliment … Read more

What Essential Oils Should Not Be Ingested

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There is much debate over what essentials oils should or should not be ingested. Some people will say, “No way, they should not be taken internally!” Others might say, “Sure you can, they’re all natural. So they’re all food grade!” It’s a worthy debate, especially considering there are several oils that should not be taken internally. … Read more

Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser Styles | Aromatherapy

Essential Oil Brands

Whether you are a long-time reader or new to the site, if you’ve stumbled across this article, you’ve likely heard about essential oil diffuser jewelry. Other than being portable, diffuser jewelry works differently than traditional, aromatherapy diffusers. Still, the each serve the same purpose. A stationary diffuser uses water to emit a steam of aroma, providing … Read more

7 Natural Homemade Skin Care Ingredients

ACV in a Glass

Many of us think that “natural” is better. Sad to say, not all of them are. But what’s great is that most of the good ones are readily available at home and are proven to be very effective, battling acne breakouts, treating pigmentations, preventing sun damage, and soothing irritation. So, to help you identify these … Read more

Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelets & Necklaces

As you probably already know, the benefits of essential oils and other natural aromatherapy solutions are endless. But to get the most out of these products, you must apply them in the right manner. Depending on the “symptom” you are looking to address, some methods are better than others. For instance: For more instant relief … Read more

10 Essential Oils That Help Relieve Pain

Essential oils have been widely used for comfort and relaxation purposes for years now. However, these oils are also gaining popularity as pain relievers. Like modern day analgesics, essential oils are very effective, only that they come with several side effects. Below are some of the most effective essential oils for pain relief. 1. Chamomile … Read more

8 Simple Green Cleaning Recipes For Your Home

Essential Oil Brands

Essential oils have been used for healthy living, cleaning and enjoyment since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Today, more valuable uses for essential oils are still being discovered. I first learned about the powers of essential oils from my grandmother, and today I am grateful to share some of my favorite essential oil-based cleaning … Read more

5 Dog and Cat Flea Remedies For Your Home

Herbs and Spoons

Itchy, scratchy, yucky. There’s plenty of words to describe the season for when fleas from your dogs and cats begin to surface. As you probably know, there’s a plethora of chemical treatments that can terminate these obnoxious pests. But are those chemically-infused products safe for you and your family? And do you really want to … Read more

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