Diffuser Ball Necklaces With Lava Beads

If you’re a seasoned aromatherapy user, it’s essential to have the right accessories (like diffuser ball necklaces) to maximize your experience. Essential oils in themselves can be quite versatile. The same goes with how and where you apply them. For instance, there’s no single effective way to apply peppermint. If you’re looking to relieve congestion, … Read more

Where to Buy Essential Oil Necklace Diffusers

Dropper Bottle

If you are a veteran aromatherapy user, you’ve probably already heard about the many accessories available to diffuse your precious oils. In addition to bracelets and car diffusing humidifiers, essential oil necklace diffusers have become increasingly popular in the oil community. Not only do they emit the profound therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, they double as … Read more

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