Eternity Diffuser Necklace

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Get on-the-go aroma benefits with this premium lava diffuser necklace. Stocked with one blue reusable diffusing lava stone, this beautiful piece allows you to diffuse your oils or fragrance of choice in style, anywhere, and all day long.

Lava stones are unique in that they are naturally-formed voids in the Earth. The porous material of these natural rocks allow essential oils and other fragrances to soak in and last for days without reapplying.

This necklace fits an assorted color of lava stones so you can sport different styles throughout the week. Or, you can match the color of the stone to your favorite scents.

*Additional stones are available for purchase. Note that this necklace fits 10mm stones.

How it Works:

  • Rub one or two drops of essential oil or perfume to the lava stone
  • Turn the stone in a circular motion
  • The stone will become glossy as it soaks
  • Place the stone in the locket and close clasp
  • Enjoy therapeutic benefits for days (depending on the oil)
  • Lava stones never get corrupted by oils or perfume, so you can reuse your stones as often as you’d like


  • Uses 10mm lava stones
  • Anti-scratch
  • 100% nickel- and lead-free
  • Size: 18″ chain (can be adjusted down)