Peace Lava Diffuser Bracelet

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Product Description

This peace and energizing diffuser bracelet comprises a variety of stones – including red agate, lazurite, turquoise, tiger eye, amber, amethyst, green king stone, and general black lava stones.

Lava stones are unique in that they are naturally-formed voids in the Earth. The porous material of these natural rocks allow essential oils and other fragrances to soak in and last for days without reapplying.

How it Works:

  • Rub one or two drops of essential oil or perfume onto one or multiple lava stones
  • Turn the stone in a circular motion
  • The stone will become glossy as it soaks
  • Enjoy therapeutic benefits for days (depending on the oil)
  • Lava stones never get corrupted by oils or perfume, so you can reuse your stones as often as you’d like