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Essential Oil Antibiotic Bomb Recipe

Traditional prescription drugs certainly serve a purpose. And when someone is suffering from a serious sickness – especially if they’ve been hospitalized – medical care may be necessary. From a macro level, though, various illnesses seem to be “over-treated” with antibiotics. Even the medical profession warns against the over-prescription of antibiotics (hence, a big reason […]

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Essential Oil Hangover Bomb Recipe

Maybe you enjoyed yourself a little too much during the holidays. Or maybe you’re trying to power through the aftereffects of a Saturday night that was a little too eventful. Either way, at some point most people have one of those evenings where you’ve had a little too much to drink and are left with […]

DIY Sandalwood Rose Perfume Recipe

Looking for a pleasing perfume scent that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals? Aromatherapy products like essential oils allow you to create your own organic DIY perfume recipes that are healthy and boldly beautiful. In this article, we’ll outline a wonderfully-crafted blend of essential oils that includes sandalwood and rose, with a top note of orange. Not […]

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Essential Oil Sinus & Allergy Bomb Recipe

As you likely already know, essential oils have many uses. And the diversity of options available can make finding that perfect oil (or oils) for every situation quite difficult. Whether it’s allergies or the common cold the following essential oil sinus and allergy bomb recipe can improve your life during the most trying of times. […]


Room Fragrance Diffuser Recipes For Your Home

Want to make homemade fragrance diffuser recipes that’ll spruce up your home with pleasing and therapeutic aromas? While the following recipes could be used with different types of scents, in this article we will focus specifically on recipes using essential oils. The reason essential oils make for great natural fragrances isn’t just their powerful aroma. […]

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