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Best Citronella Essential Oil Resources

Most people associate the scent of citronella with mosquito-repelling candles that can be found on every deck table during the summer months. While this oil is renowned for its ability to keep away pesky mosquitoes, it’s also a powerful natural health product that can treat a wide range of conditions.

Before you run out and pick up a bottle for yourself, you must possess a basic understanding of how to select a good-quality essential oil. We’ve researched the most popular citronella oils that are on the market in order to fill you in on which ones are simply better than the others.

The Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella essential oil is widely used for its mosquito-repelling abilities. The oil is a safe and natural insecticide that keeps mosquitoes and other critters away. The oil is also an incredible natural sedative that calms the mind in a safe and natural way.

Additionally, citronella essential oil can kill bacteria and fungus on contact. It also soothes the digestive tract and is capable of keeping your pets calm. Plus, it has pain-relieving abilities that rival those of over-the-counter medications.

The Best Citronella Essential Oils That You Can Purchase Online

Citronella Essential Oil by Healing Solutions

If you’re looking for a high-quality citronella essential oil that won’t disappoint in any way, this is the product for you. Healing Solutions is a trusted brand that always delivers. Their prices are a little higher than others because of the level of quality to which the brand is devoted.

Many people adore this oil because of its clean yet pungent scent that indicates purity. The oil is diffused on patios to keep mosquitoes away. Other customers enjoy its calming effect on the mind when inhaled through the nose. Purchase [amazon link=”B00PHQTWZQ” title=”Here” /].

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Citronella Essential Oil by UpNature

The citronella essential oil from UpNature is an excellent choice. The brand is devoted to high standards of quality, resulting in a product that is pure and potent. The citronella itself contains no pesticides or other toxic chemicals. And, the scent is nothing short of heavenly.

This citronella essential oil’s aroma is powerful enough to keep mosquitoes away for hours. Many customers turn to this oil when making candles and homemade bug sprays. Purchase [amazon link=”B01GXOXYSG” title=”Here” /].

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Citronella Essential Oil by Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is another brand that never fails to provide customers with pure, high-quality oils. While their citronella essential oil isn’t the cheapest on this list, you’ll quickly find that its potency makes it a highly effective product for a variety of applications.

In addition to its insect-repelling powers, this oil is popular for its ability to reduce stress. Some users enjoy how the oil calms cats when diffused in the home. And, this product’s aroma is strong without being irritating. Purchase [amazon link=”B006OR6BKQ” title=”Here” /].

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Citronella Essential Oil by Edens Garden

Edens Garden is committed to producing high-quality oils that are not diluted in any way. Their citronella essential oil is a beloved product that has a variety of applications. The darkness of the glass means that this oil won’t go rancid after a couple of months.

Most commonly, this product is used as a mosquito repellent. Thanks to its powerful aroma, just a couple of drops will keep mosquitoes at bay while you spend hours outdoors. Purchase [amazon link=”B002RU60BY” title=”Here” /].

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Citronella Essential Oil by NOW Foods

The citronella essential oil from NOW Foods is one of the best-selling of its kind. The strong aroma ensures maximum protection against mosquitoes while its potency gives it inflammation-fighting powers. The brand never dilutes their oils, ensuring that each product is as pure as can be.

This citronella essential oil is very helpful when you’re trying to get rid of annoying insects. And, this product is known to relieve pain. In fact, a few customers swear by its pain-relieving abilities when dealing with menstrual cramps. Purchase [amazon link=”B000MGOZJ4″ title=”Here” /].

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Citronella essential oil is a versatile product that can do so much more than repel mosquitoes. Now that you know just how useful this oil is, you can purchase a bottle for yourself and know that you’re using a high-quality oil that’s extremely potent.

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