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Best Clove Essential Oil Resources

Clove essential oil is one of those miraculous products that can take care of a large number of common complaints. The oil is often used for its analgesic properties that fight pain while numbing and cooling the affected area. In fact, clove essential oil can treat a wide range of issues. Whether you suffer from acne or have a sensitive stomach, this product is a must-have.

If you’re thinking about purchasing some clove essential oil, this article is for you. The popularity of this essential oil means that you can find countless brands selling their versions of clove oil online. However, some clove oils are better than others. We’re here to tell you which clove essential oils are worth buying.

The Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil has been used for centuries as a pain reliever thanks to its ability to block pain signals to the brain. When applied to the skin, it numbs pain on contact. Additionally, the oil can destroy bacteria, fungus and inflammation.

The oil is an excellent treatment for acne as well. Plus, when inhaled, clove oil has been proven to tackle both anxiety and depression. Needless to say, everyone should have a bottle of clove essential oil in the home.

The Best Clove Essential Oils That You Can Purchase Online

Clove Essential Oil by Sun Organic

If you’re looking for a high-quality clove essential oil that won’t break the bank, this product from Sun Organic is an excellent choice. The oil is undiluted, meaning that each drop contains nothing but pure clove essential oil. The heavy amber bottle prevents oxidization that turns the oil rancid over time.

Many customers use this essential oil for toothaches. Other customers have found that this oil can treat the symptoms of seasonal depression during the cold winter months. Plus, those who use this oil can’t get enough of its warm and spicy aroma. Purchase [amazon link=”B00R8GX5UQ” title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B00R8GX5UQ” /]

Clove Essential Oil by NOW Foods

NOW Foods is a brand that specializes in natural health products. The brand’s dedication to quality means that this clove essential oil is an excellent product. The oil is pure and unrefined. Plus, its potent aroma means that the oil is heavily concentrated. In other words, one drop will go very far.

Many customers rely on this product for pain relief. One drop applied to the skin instantly cools and numbs the area. It is recommended that you dilute this oil because of its potency. Purchase [amazon link=”B002N0H36O” title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B002N0H36O” /]

Clove Essential Oil by Majestic Pure

Majestic Pure’s clove essential oil is a favorite among aromatherapy practitioners. The glass dropper ensures a mess-free application while the oil’s purity means that a few drops can do a lot. This oil contains no additives, meaning that it is absolutely pure.

Many people who use this product find that it can treat the pain associated with arthritis. This oil also works great as an insect repellent because of its strong aroma. Plus, customers love the heavy amber bottle that keeps the oil from going rancid. Purchase [amazon link=”B01768QEPI” title=”Here” /].

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Clove Essential Oil by Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is one of those trusted brands that consistently delivers high-quality essential oils of all varieties. While their clove essential oil costs a little more than the others on this list, you’ll know as soon as you smell it that you’ve just received a high-quality product. It’s completely pure and has a heavenly aroma.

Countless customers have found that this oil can treat a pimple overnight. This product is also used for toothaches and pain. And, this product effectively keeps bugs away from the home. Purchase [amazon link=”B005V2UJK8″ title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B005V2UJK8″ /]

Clove Essential Oil by Woolzies

Woolzies has delivered a clove essential oil of exceptional quality. Those who have purchased this oil can’t stop remarking on its intoxicating fragrance that is as potent as can be. The oil is moderately priced and incredibly versatile.

Many customers have found that this oil works extremely well as a numbing agent for pain. In fact, most customers report that just one or two drops can effectively treat pain when diluted and applied directly to the affected area. Overall, this product is a fantastic choice. Purchase [amazon link=”B01CFHZCAI” title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B01CFHZCAI” /]


As you can see, not all clove essential oils are created equally. However, between the five products listed above, you’re certain to find the perfect clove essential oil for your unique needs.

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