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De-Stressing Before Work Without Prescription Drugs

A brief post inspired by an infographic by Quill.com

Stress follows us everywhere — especially at work. In fact, our jobs are creating more and more stress in our lives, as we work more hours and work harder in those hours.

And with that stress comes physical and mental effects. We’re suffering heart attacks and more sick days. We’re snapping at our coworkers and we’re worried about money.

But there are things you can do before you step foot in the office to help reduce that stress in the office. Preparation, for example, is essential as a stress reducer. Carve out the hours you need to get well rested—and get that rest without screens to distract you.

A good breakfast can help, too, as can some quiet time—either before, during, or after work. The more you can stay ahead of the little things that lead to stress, the more success you’ll have managing the stress that’s part of your work day.

Here are a few basic tips for dealing with work stress naturally:

  • Prepare your lunch, clothing, etc. before you go to bed
  • Wait until you get to work to check your email
  • Work out before going to work
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Give yourself some peace and quiet before heading in

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