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Essential Oils For Energy and Memory Improvement

Low energy, lack of stamina, a constant state of tiredness, the list goes on. From time to time, these are things we all deal with.

And regardless of our situation – whether it’s at the office or at home tending to the kids – energy deficiencies make it difficult to cope with the demands of everyday life.

Low energy can impact many things, such as memory, focus, and motivation. So how do you overcome such fatigue? Sure, you could pop a few NoDoz, load up on coffee, or drink a six-pack of soda each day.

Or… you could use natural alternatives like essential oils for energy, motivation, and memory improvement.

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Natural Remedies For Fatigue

Before outlining what essential oils are best for energy and memory, we’ll first offer five “secular” natural solutions for that feeling that your brain and body have gone to mush.

1. Exercise: Sure, it may seem counterproductive. After all, when we are exhausted, what we really want to do is simply take a nap. But think about it. What happens if you lie in bed all day as you recover from an illness? You feel fuzzy, sluggish, and achy. And it’s not just the sickness that makes you feel this way.

Unless your body is recovering from some kind of ailment, over-sleeping has the opposite impact we want it to have. That’s why getting reasonable exercise can remedy loss of energy. Moreover, exercise can help with memory, as it keeps your mind more fit. You know what they say, “An active body creates a more active mind.”

2. Ginseng: One of the most famous of all Chinese herbs, Ginseng is a natural ingredient that helps the body cope with all different kinds of stress (hunger, extreme temperatures, general exhaustion, etc.).

Too much cortisol (the “stress hormone”) can disrupt your sleep, which will reduce your energy and brain power throughout the day. Ultimately, Ginseng helps regulate your cortisol, which in turn helps you get the rest your body needs.

3. Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits are known to improve both mood and energy. The Vitamin C and natural sugars contained in citrus fruits replenish many of the body’s energy deficiencies.

Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are healthy, natural energy boosters. Even a glass of lemon water or orange juice can give you an instant pick-me-up.

4. Magnesium: This is an important mineral that, these days, most people lack. Magnesium is an essential nutrient that our body does not produce on its own. It’s up to us to include it in our diets.

There are magnesium supplements you can take, but the best way to get the nutrient is by eating the right foods. Nuts, fish, bananas, whole grains, and dark leafy greens are rich in magnesium.

5. Yoga: The “image” of yoga can be somewhat distorted. It’s not just some hip craze that attracts a certain kind of crowd. The practice of yoga dates back centuries B.C. (well before stretchy pants were something you’d hang in your closet).

Yoga is a physical and spiritual exercise that calms your mind, focuses your breathing, and curbs the inner turbulence that drains us every day. Combining this mind and body exercise helps stimulate energy while improving focus and clarity of mind.

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Essential Oils For EnergyEssential Oils to Increase Energy and Memory

Now… which essential oils are best for keeping your body energized and your mind more focused?

For these purposes, you have two types of oils:

1. Citrus essential oils

Citrus oils are great for stress and depression, which are major contributors to fatigue and memory impairment. Oils like lemon, orange, and grapefruit promote an uplifting spirit and more positive life outlook.

They encourage hope, happiness, and peacefulness by dampening negative vibes.

2. “Sense” essential oils

These oils invigorate the senses to stimulate more clarity of mind. This trinity of oils includes peppermint, frankincense, and rosemary. They help reduce mental fatigue and boost concentration by awakening the senses.

Each of these oils act as a “brain tonic” to create a reformed and refreshed state of mind.

How to apply them

There are a number of ways to apply essential oils. And while there’s no single way to apply them, some ways are better than others during certain occasions:

  • Struggling to get going in the morning? Rub a couple drops of peppermint on your chest during your morning shower.
  • Falling a sleep at the office? Diffuse a two drops of orange and lemon on your desk.
  • Need a boost while you’re out and about? Apply a drop or two of frankincense to your temples and back of your neck (if needed, be sure to dilute with a carrier oil).

3 Energy Oil Recipes

You can craft some great energy aromatherapy recipes by mixing your own essential oil blend. Below are three recipes we recommend.

In addition to diffusing the following recipes, you can also dilute them with a carrier oil and apply them topically.

Recipe 1

Combine 3 drops of orange and 3 drops of spearmint or peppermint and diffuse throughout your home or office.

Recipe 2

Combine 2 drops of peppermint, 2 drops of frankincense, and 2 drops of grapefruit to give your body a sustained energy boost.

Recipe 3

Combine 2 drops of grapefruit, 2 drops of lemon, 2 drops of lavender, and 2 drops of basil for a stimulating blend that delivers an energizing, but relaxing feeling.

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Boost Memory

The Instant Energy “High”

This is a trick we learned at a conference we attended a few years ago. It may sound odd, but it does in fact work.

It gives you a 100 percent natural high – without using any form of drug. If overwhelming fatigue takes over, follow these instructions:

  1. Sprinkle 2 drops of peppermint oil to the palm of your hand.
  2. Sprinkle 2 drops of orange oil to the same hand.
  3. Rub your palms together so the oils sink into your hands.
  4. Hold one of your hands flat so that it faces your mouth.
  5. Make a fist in your other hand and place the bottom of your fist down on your other palm.
  6. Open your fist a little bit and put your mouth to it.
  7. Suck in deeply and inhale the aroma straight from your fist.

If done right, you’ll feel an instant shot of adrenaline. It might seem a little odd, but it’s a great way to get an immediate pick-me-up when you feel drained.

Now, if you’re out in public, this isn’t a practical way to “apply” your oils. That’s where essential oil accessories can come in handy – essential oil jewelry, to be specific.

Learn how these portable accessories will allow you to diffuse your oils in style, on-the-go, and all day long:

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