Organic Leather Cleaner and Preserver Recipe

Organic Leather Cleaner

Have leather that needs cleaning but don’t want to use toxic, chemically-infused cleaners? Preserving your leather furnishings is a must, particularly as the spring and summer seasons bring warmer weather. But instead of forking out money on costly, unhealthy cleaners, you can craft your own leather cleaner recipe that is both natural and eco-friendly. Free … Read more

How to Live a Natural Hippie Lifestyle Tips

Living a Natural Hippie Lifestyle

Let’s face it, living a natural hippie lifestyle isn’t necessarily easy. It takes a whole lot of work to stick to a healthy natural, organic regiment. And if you’re new to it, it may seem like running a triathlon. First, let’s make some clarifications. Because discussing the “hippie lifestyle” can be somewhat ambiguous. What we’re … Read more

Natural Caffeine Replacement: A Healthy Substitute

Herbs and Essential Oil Bottles

Are you looking to replace caffeine with a healthy antidote for fatigue? Supplements, pills, “magical” powder, you name it. There’s an unending list of home remedies that are branded as solutions to reduce fatigue and improve concentration. And there are plenty of natural caffeine replacement alternatives that do in fact offer impactful benefits. But how can … Read more

What Essential Oil Brands Can Be Ingested

Oil with Ferns

There are loads of essential oil brands out there. But not many that can be ingested. Essential oil ingestion can be an effective application method. However, it’s an application that certainly should be done with caution, as you want to ensure that you’re using therapeutic food grade essential oils that truly are, as they say, … Read more

Essential Oils vs Medicine: A Modern Alternative

Natural Alternatives Medicine

It’s quite the debate. That is, whether modern natural alternatives can effectively treat sickness while improving overall health. Titling this article “essential oils vs medicine” is somewhat of a misnomer. After all, both essential oils (also known as aromatherapy) and traditional wellness options have their place. But still, the impact of each is certainly a … Read more

Natural Alternative to Nyquil and Dayquil

Natural Oils Wholesale

Whether it’s sleep, congestion, or pain that’s keeping you down (or up), there is a natural alternative to Nyquil and Dayquil that will help keep you both comfortable and healthy. Sick of that groggy feeling you have after taking too much Nyquil? Are you tired of that “zombie” feeling that Dayquil seems to give you … Read more

How to Treat Migraine Headaches Naturally

Lavender Plants and Bottle

Whether it’s a tension headache, chronic migraine, or just the occasional pain in the brain, there are plenty of ways to treat your migraine headaches naturally. Sure, using natural headache remedies during pregnancy is critical to protecting a mother’s child. But being pregnant shouldn’t be the only reason to use healthy 100% organic migraine solutions. … Read more

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