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How to Host a doTERRA Facebook Class Online

Signing up as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA can be intimidating at first.

After all, mastering the art of essential oils is complicated enough. The single oils, the blends, how to apply them, what to apply for what, and on and on.

Moreover, you also must learn about doTERRA as a company and what they stand for. And finally, if you are looking to get serious about the Wellness Advocate program, you have to understand the business aspects so you can recruit and grow.

Once you have all that figured out, it’s time to start marketing. And hosting a Facebook class online is a great place to start.

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Setting Up Your doTERRA Facebook Class

First, you have to know the logistics of setting up your doTERRA Facebook class.

If you haven’t ever created an event yourself, here are a few quick easy steps.

  • Click on the Events tab on the left side of your main Facebook page.
  • Click “Create Event”
  • Customize the event with images, detailed information, privacy settings, and guest invitations.

Here are a few tips on creating your event:

  • Include an engaging cover photo (or video, if you want to get really fancy)
  • Come up with a concise, but also catchy title
  • Triple-check the date and time to make sure it’s accurate
  • Be descriptive and persuasive in your description

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Create an Agenda

Every good Facebook event should have a clear agenda, so you can stay on track and so your audience knows what to expect.

  • Introduce yourself: The most successful doTERRA WA’s are able to connect and build relationships with people. Tell your attendees a little bit about yourself and how your journey with essential oils began.
  • Note that attendees who finish the class will be eligible for a free prize (see below).
  • Outline your agenda: Explain how the event will work so they know what to expect throughout the session.
  • Give a general background of doTERRA as a company, noting their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade status and that they are a leader in the essential oil industry.
  • Talk about the benefits of essential oils and why they can change your life. Be sure to follow doTERRA’s compliance guidelines when discussing health benefits.
  • Briefly discuss the business opportunity of becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Remember, don’t be too pushy!
  • Thank everyone for attending.

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doTERRA Facebook ClassWhy Offer an Attendance Prize?

Offering an attendance prize is, in itself, a marketing strategy. There are three benefits of doing so:

  1. It’s a way to encourage people to attend. Just be sure to specify in the event description and/or post an update that attendees will be eligible for a free prize.
  2. They provide a reason for users to actually use essential oils (assuming you choose the right prize).
  3. They encourage people to stay logged into the presentation all the way to the end.

It’s important that the prizes are somehow related to essential oils. After all, if they receive an accessory that requires essential oils, they will have to purchase oils to use the prize!

Here are a few attendance prize ideas:

  • Essential oil carrying case
  • A set of glass roller bottles
  • USB diffuser
  • Diffuser jewelry

Bracelet and necklace diffusers work great as attendance prizes. They’re innovative, affordable, and they offer a practical application for applying oils.

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