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6 Natural Kidney Stone Removal Methods & Remedies

It should go without saying, but your kidneys are among the most important organs in your body. They assist in detoxing and filtering out various impurities in your blood, in addition to waste elements lingering in your urine. If you’ve had one (or are currently suffering from one), you know kidney stones can be very painful experience, potentially blocking passage of the flow of urine.

Anyhow, our goal isn’t to provide education on the functionality of your kidneys. We’re going to outline a few natural kidney stone removal methods that many people have find effective.

A quick heads up: We do not hold P.h.Ds and therefore we are not qualified to make any treatment or curative claims. These are merely suggestions that we have found impactful.

Stone Removal5 Natural remedies for kidney stone removal

While there are a number of traditional medical treatments you can use to treat kidney stones, there is no shortage of natural remedies you can try out as well. We’re going to start off with just a few general options, and then we’ll present our favorite method for dissolving kidney stones and relieving the pain that accompanies them.

1. Magnesium: This is more of a preventative measure, but there have been studies showing that people who suffer from recurrent kidney stones can prevent them by taking magnesium. A group of Harvard scientists, for instance, discovered that taking magnesium supplements along with vitamin B6 daily will prevent kidney stones by over 92%.

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2. Pomegranate Juice: You may already have heard about the health benefits of pomegranates. The juice in pomegranate itself is often used as a natural kidney stone removal method. We recommend both consuming organic pomegranates while also drinking the juice from the fruit.

3. Celery: Both in vegetable form and from the seed, celery is great at promoting urine flow and the tonics of your kidneys. Many people consume the seed through either a spice or as a drinkable tea. Like magnesium, celery works more as a preventative kidney stone method then a removal or relief treatment.

4. Basil: Working as a “tonifier,” basil can be consumed consistently – typically as a tea – to improve the overall health of your kidneys. Pure basil juice, mixed with some raw honey, is known to help dissolve stones from the urinary tract.

5. Water: This one may seem a little obvious. But dehydration is a leading cause of kidney stone formation. Drinking large quantities of water throughout the day (at least two quarts) will help prevent kidney stones from forming.

6. Supplements: Kidney stone supplements contain a spectrum of natural ingredients to support kidney health. It’s a powerful detoxifying agent that works as a urinary cleanse.

General kidney stone prevention tips

Before we get into our favorite kidney stone relief and removal method, consider just a few basic tips for preventing these painful trials. There are things you can do to dissolve kidney stones while you have them (while also offering pain relief), but there also ways to alter your lifestyle in order to prevent future kidney problems.

  • Monitor consumption of high-oxalate foods, such as beer, tea, nuts, seeds, and chocolate.
  • Reduce consumption of high oxalate fruits and vegetables, such as berries, grapes, beets, and leafy greens.
  • Don’t worry about limiting your consumption of calcium: Contrary to popular belief, low calcium intake can actually promote the development of kidney stones.

Kidney StonesEssential oils for kidney stones

Essential oils are versatile natural products used for a variety of wellness benefits. And many have found essential oils to be highly effective for kidney stone removal. The most popular option for dealing with this painful event is lemon essential oil.

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The easiest application method would be to rub a couple drops topically (if you have sensitive skin, mix with a carrier oil) around the surface area near the pain. You will, of course, want to continue to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Consider mixing together water and a couple tbsp of lemon juice to make your own kidney stone “shot.”

Simply stir the mixture up and then chug it down. Be sure that you follow up the “shot” with a chaser of water. And then continue to drink large quantities of water throughout the day and evenings. You can consume the concoction three to four times a day to help dissolve and flush out the stone.

Essential oils are not only a natural, healthy method for removing kidney stones; they can help you avoid another costly and time-consuming emergency room visit!

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    • Essential Oils for Kidney Stones

      Lemon oil and helichrysum oil may reduce the risk of kidney stones by supporting the kidneys and liver in detoxification. Put 2 drops of citrus oils like lemon, lime, wild orange or grapefruit to your water 2x daily. With helichrysum oil, rub topically over lower abdomen 2x daily

  1. Hi Beverly and Steve,

    Thanks so much for the question. Depending on the brand, you can use lemon oil in water. It helped my wife with her kidney stones and my father (who has chronic kidney stones) does this religiously.

    Sometimes we are hesitant to point it out, only because a lot of essential oil brands should not be consumed internally. I would just make sure to check the label of the brand you are using.

  2. Hi Mev,

    There are many great companies, but two of the top brands are Young Living and doTERRA. Mainly I would just avoid cheaper brands that you would find at a local health foods store.


  3. I love Lemon essential oil, it benefits your skin by reducing acne, nourishing damaged skin and hydrating the skin.

  4. I prefer essential oils, but I’ve never tried essential oil bracelets, necklaces, chakras, and other accessories. Are they working?

  5. Also lemon essential oil boosts immune system and energy, uplifts mood and concentration + spirituality! Love it!


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