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Get Rid Of Headaches In No Time With Peppermint Essential Oil

Headaches are one of the most common types of pain, affecting people of all ages. Headaches can be caused by a large variety of factors. Some people may experience headaches when their sinuses are inflamed during allergy season. Others may experience headaches after a long night of heavy drinking. Headaches can also be chronic as the result of poor posture or even hormonal problems.

Whenever we experience a headache, all that we want is fast relief. The good news is that peppermint essential oil can treat headaches quickly, safely and effectively. This extremely potent essential oil contains unique properties that alleviate pain in no time.

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How Peppermint Essential Oil Treats Headaches

Peppermint oil is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to menthol, the leading chemical compound in the peppermint plant, this essential oil can get deep beneath the skin and relax the nerves and muscles that are in pain.

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Treatment for Sinus Headaches

Headaches can be caused by a swollen and inflamed sinus passage. When we are sick or when we suffer from seasonal allergies, the sinus passages become inflamed. This is because the immune system is attempting to block foreign bodies from entering the body.

The problem is that sinus inflammation can lead to extremely painful headaches. As the sinuses swell, the surrounding nerves and muscles become tense. As a result, we can experience a pounding headache.

Luckily, peppermint essential oil is known for its amazing ability to clear the sinus passages quickly. By simply inhaling peppermint oil, our sinuses can return to their normal state.

Peppermint essential oil’s ability to relieve sinus inflammation has to do with menthol. This amazingly potent chemical is capable of soothing inflamed tissue quickly. That’s why so many decongestant medications contain high levels of menthol (source).

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Treatment for Tension Headaches and Migraines

Peppermint essential oil can treat tension headaches and migraines thanks to its anti-inflammatory abilities. By applying peppermint oil directly to the affected area, the chemicals in the oil can be absorbed through the skin and permeate the nerves and muscles surrounding the area. As a result, the muscles and nerves can relax and the blood vessels can open up to allow circulation.

Extensive studies have shown that peppermint essential oil is capable of treating headaches quickly. By simply applying the oil topically, headache relief can come in no time (source).

How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil to Treat a Headache

Peppermint oil can be applied either topically to the skin inhaled. Depending on the type of headache that you have, one method of application may be better than the other.

For sinus-related headaches, it’s best to inhale the oil. Breathing in peppermint oil will relax the sinus passages so that the headache will disappear. To inhale peppermint essential oil for headache relief, you can simply bring the bottle of the oil to your nose and take several deep breaths.

Alternatively, you can inhale it by combining it with steam. You can pour several drops of peppermint oil into a hot bath and take several deep breaths. Or, you can add peppermint oil to an oil diffuser. This tabletop device combines the essential oil with hot water to produce steady steam that fills the home.

To use peppermint essential to relieve tension headaches or migraines, simply massage a few drops of the oil into the skin covering the affected area.

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For centuries, people have been using peppermint essential oil for headaches. This affordable and safe product can treat headaches of all kinds and bring relief quickly.

If you’ve ever used peppermint oil for headaches, feel free to tell us about it in the comments. If you know someone who suffers from headaches, please share this article with them so that they can learn about the amazing powers of peppermint oil.

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  1. I have been using this method for over 2 years. I didn’t read it anywhere I simply discovered it one day when I added it to the surface of my headache. It works on my migraine and sinus inflammations too. Love this oil.


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