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Young Living Blends for Sleep and Insomnia

Whether its insomnia, restless legs, or occasional sleeplessness, there are a number of Young Living blends that can help improve your sleep. Fatigue and inattention can impact anyone. Inadequate sleep, of course, is the primary culprit.

That”s why before resorting to caffeine pills, energy drinks, and other energy-boosting products, you might consider some important methods to improve your sleep. And what better way to do it than with a natural solution like essential oils?

In this article, we”ll outline which single essential oils and Young Living blends are best for improving your sleep.

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DIY Young Living Blends for Insomnia & Sleeplessness

About 60 million or so American adults suffer from some form of sleep disorder. About 5 million adults suffer from moderate to severe restless leg syndrome. The rest of us – at the very least – deal with occasional bouts of sleeplessness.

So which essential oils can help? Here are the top five:

  1. Lavender: If you”re already familiar with aromatherapy, you probably know this is a given. Lavender is one of the most relaxing oils available, making it a great solution for unwinding before bed.
  2. Vetiver: There”s an argument to be made that vetiver provides more sedative benefits than any other oil. Additionally, studies reveal that vetiver can actually improve overall quality of sleep.
  3. Bergamot: A citrus fruit that emits a pleasing aroma, bergamot helps induce the physiological changes that accompany sleep (i.e. lower blood pressure and heart rate). It can also help ease anxious thoughts that keep your mind racing in bed.
  4. Cedarwood: One of the more “grounding” woodsy oils, cedarwood offers a comforting, earthy scent that will help you slowly drift off to sleep. In addition to being a helpful sleep aid, it can also help alleviate stress and hypertension.
  5. Ylang ylang: Containing bold sedative effects, ylang ylang is often used to curb anxiety. By applying shortly before bed, you”ll experience a joyful heart and peaceful mind.

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Young Living for SleepSignature YL Blends That Can Help with Sleep

Young Living has dozens and dozens of pure essential oil blends that can be used for many purposes – including insomnia and restlessness.

The blends that are best used for these purposes contain a combination of sedative and blissful oils that encourage relaxation and a balanced state of mind. Here are the best Young Living blends we recommend for improving your sleep:

1. Grounding Blend

Comprised of ylang ylang, cedarwood, juniper, and other oils, the Grounding blend gives your mind clarity and stability. This perfectly crafted blend improves peace of mind when trying to cope with life”s many daily challenges.

By diffusing a few drops in your bedroom or spritzing your pillow, Grounding will put your mind at ease after an emotionally exhausting day.

2. Stress Away Blend

Comprised of lavender, vanilla, lime, and other oils, Stress Away combines a unique combination of citrus, floral, and vanilla. Stress and anxiety are some of the most common culprits for sleep deficiencies, as they spur physical and mental restlessness.

Stress Away provides an authentic, pleasing aroma helps relax your body and mind after dealing with daily stressors.

3. Peace and Calming Blend

Made up of ylang ylang, orange, patchouli, tangerine, and blue tansy, the Peace and Calming blend has a mix of both calming and mood-enhancing oils. Oils like ylang ylang and blue tansy help relax your body while citrus oils like orange and tangerine promote positive feelings.

Apply topically or diffuse a few drops to experience peaceful, calming sensations while you drift off to sleep.

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