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Aromatherapy Accessories Online Store and Shop

Looking for a place to buy aromatherapy accessories and supplies?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to enhancing your essential oil/aromatherapy lifestyle. Think topical and traditional diffusion are the only ways to apply your aromatherapy products? Hardly.

Everything from diffuser jewelry to roller bottles, with the right supplies you can apply your oils in convenient and trendy ways.

6 Essential Oil Accessories and Supplies

As you will see below, there is a lot to add to your aromatherapy arsenal:

1. Stationary Diffusers

Everyone needs a diffuser. And if you’re a veteran essential oil user, it’s a pretty safe bet you already have one. If not, there are a variety of options – some diffusers being better than others. When it comes to purchasing a diffuser, here are a few things to look for:

  • Water capacity and diffusion radius
  • Power source (electric outlet and battery option)
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Timer (i.e. 1 hour, 3 hour, 5 hour, etc.)
  • Cosmetics (wood style, plastic, etc.)

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2. Carrying Cases

If you want to have your oils at ready, anywhere you go, you might consider investing in a carrying case. Carrying cases offer a great way to keep your bottles secure when traveling across the country, leaving to and from work, or simply heading to the grocery store.

When researching your options, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Number of oils it holds (anywhere from 3 bottles to 64 and more)
  • Size of bottles (some cases will only hold sample vials, some may hold only 15ml bottles, and others may hold a combination of several different sizes)
  • Material (leather, hard case, cheaper plastic, etc.)

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3. Spray Bottles

Shop Essential Oil SuppliesIf you plan on using your essential oils as a natural cleaner, spray bottles are a must. Or, if you enjoy crafting your own natural perfumes.

Note that it’s important that your bottle is glass, as this prevents the likelihood of your oils corroding. Also, no need to purchase from a specialty aromatherapy store. Any glass spray container will do.

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4. USB Diffusers

USB diffusers are exactly what they sound like. They diffuse your oils by plugging into any electronic device that takes a USB cable. Just plug into an outlet, your computer, or vehicle to diffuse your oils wherever you are.

Once plugging your USB diffuser in, simply add a drop or two of your chosen oil to the felt pad contained at the top of the diffuser.

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5. Car Diffusers

In addition to USB diffusers, another option to apply your oils in your vehicle is a car diffuser that plugs into your cigarette lighter. These work similarly to a traditional diffuser – in that you add water and a few drops of your chosen oil(s).

There are also car diffusers that clip onto your air vent and use a reusable felt pad to diffuse your oils. While not as powerful as a cigarette lighter diffuser, this solution is small and affordable.

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6. Diffuser Jewelry

Diffuser jewelry has become a rising trend in the aromatherapy community. Not only are these products portable, they offer a stylish, on-the-go application. With the right bracelet or necklace, all it takes is one or two drops of oil and you can diffuse for a few hours up to several days before re-applying.

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Now, you have several options when it come to diffuser jewelry. You’ll find diffusers that use leather, felt pads, or lava stones to diffuse your oils. When it comes to the material, there are pros and cons. For example:

  • Leather material is long-lasting, but more expensive with a design that doesn’t quite resemble your typical piece of jewelry
  • Felt pad necklaces are stylish but typically only hold a scent for a few hours per application
  • Lava stone necklaces and bracelets offer an attractive solution that can diffuse oils for days at a time before reapplying

Find Your Zen With the Right Aromatherapy Supplies

As you can see, your aromatherapy lifestyle doesn’t have to be confined to simply a collection of oils.

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