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10 Diffuser Necklace & Bracelet Benefits For Aromatherapy

Essential oils and other aromatherapy products are among the fastest growing trends in natural health & wellness. In fact, many people have substituted traditional medical practices with these alternatives.

The great thing about this rise in popularity is the cool new products that are surfacing, like diffuser necklaces, diffuser bracelets, and other aromatherapy accessories. This is in addition to the literally hundreds of essentials oils and blends available.

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Benefits of Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets & Necklaces

If you”ve been using essential oils for awhile, you probably already have a diffuser – at least, one that is stationary in your home or workplace. What you might not already have is a portable diffuser solution. Here are 10 of the many benefits you will gain from these amazing products:

1. Portability

One of the more obvious benefits of using diffuser jewelry – over a traditional at-home diffuser – is that you can diffuse your oils wherever you go. Whether you”re at work, running errands, whatever it may be… you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils anywhere and everywhere.

2. Style

Portability is hardly the only benefit of sporting a diffuser necklace or bracelet. You”ll find countless jewelry styles that can work well for any occasion. Everything from locket style necklaces to colorful stone bracelets, there”s an option for every essential oil user.

3. Variety of Materials

Thanks to rising demand for these products, there are a variety of jewelry types (not just styles). There are several types of materials that are capable of diffusing aromatherapy, the most popular being felt pads, leather, and lava stones.

4. Perfume Alternative

As you may already know, perfumes and synthetic fragrances are chalked full of dangerous chemicals that companies are not required to disclose. Instead, apply some lavender and ylang ylang to your diffuser necklace and sport your scent in a healthy way.

5. Lasting Impact

Applying your oils topically to your skin is a great way to use essential oils. But there are a couple drawbacks: Your hands will be covered in oil and the effects are short-lived. Most diffuser necklaces and bracelets will hold a scent throughout an entire day and sometimes longer!

6. Instant Effects

While traditional diffusers are great for consistent, sustained benefits, inhaling essential oils is the best way to get intense and immediate results. Worried that you”ll have a sluggish day? Apply a drop of peppermint to your jewelry and inhale when you need a pick-me-up.

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7. Better Efficiency

Unlike traditional diffusers or applying topically, diffuser jewelry requires a small amount of oil to remain effective. While a stationary diffuser might require several drops for a 4 hour period, applying just a drop or two to your necklace or bracelet will keep you going throughout the day.

8. More Personal

Not everyone enjoys the intense aroma of peppermint or eucalyptus. Which makes things difficult when you want to diffuse your oils at work or in other more public places. The good thing about diffuser jewelry is you can enjoy your oils in your own personal space. Just reach down to your neck or wrist and take a nice big whiff!

9. Improve Focus

These final two benefits are more specific to how you might apply your oils. Let”s say you are trying to work at the office or knock some things off your household chore list. The problem is you”re lacking focus and motivation. Apply a drop of peppermint and/or orange to your necklace or bracelet to give yourself a spark.

10. Reduce Anxiety

Are you anxious about the upcoming work day? Are you worried about an upcoming social gathering? Apply a drop of lavender and/or frankincense to ease your stress.

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