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Aura Cacia Diffuser Reviews: USB, Room, and Car

Aura Cacia offers a wide variety of essential oils at an affordable price. They are one of the common brands you will find in Whole Foods or your local natural foods store.

They offer aromatherapy “staples” like lavender, frankincense, and lemon, as well as a host of essential oil blends – Chill Pill, Pep Talk, Pillow Potion, the list goes on.

So what about Aura Cacia diffusers and other accessories?

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Aura Cacia DiffuserA Review of Aura Cacia’s Diffuser Accessories

In addition to essential oils, Aura Cacia offers a range of diffuser accessories. Like their collection of oils, their diffusers come at an economical price.

If you were to put them on a scale of “cheap, mid-range, and luxury,” they would fall somewhere in the middle. Here some details on each product:

  • Ultrasonic Room Diffuser (64.99): Uses ultrasonic vibrations to disperse oils through a cool-mist diffusion. This diffuser plugs into a standard outlet and has the follow features: Soft LED light, auto-shutoff, and 1 to 4 hour diffuse settings.[amazon box=”B01EZ3S6PS”]
  • Air USB Room Diffuser ($39.99): A cool-wind aromatherapy diffuser, this is a decent all-purpose solution for your home or office. The product uses a quiet fan and a wick to diffuse your oils. While it certainly does the trick, we prefer ultrasonic diffusers. Additional wicks are available for purchase.
  • Plug-in Room Diffuser ($14.99): An easy plug-in unit, this room diffuser uses low levels of heat to volatilize your oils. Same as the air diffuser, we prefer the ultrasonic diffuser, as it spreads out the scent better and uses fewer oils.[amazon box=”B000OO2PC8″]
  • Car Diffuser ($11.99): Uses low levels of heat to volatilize and diffuse essential oils. The diffuser plugs directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and comes with five refill pads. Additional refill pads are available for purchase.[amazon box=”B0007OCL4M”]

In addition to a few small hanging air freshener-type products, these are the key accessories Aura Cacia has to offer.

All in all, if you are looking for a functional and affordable diffuser, Aura Cacia is a good company to buy from.

If you’re looking for something more stylish, and with a few more bells and whistles, you might look at a few other options.

A Stylish, Portable Aromatherapy Solution…

Looking for another aromatherapy accessory to add to your natural health arsenal?

As you know, toting around a big bulky diffuser (even if it is battery-powered) isn’t practical. And it’s bound to put you on the receiving end of some raised eyebrows.

Well, there’s a way to diffuse in style and all day long with essential oil diffuser jewelry.

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