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Best Basil Essential Oil Resources

Basil essential oil is one of those powerful products that can treat countless health-related issues. Between its antibacterial properties and its amazing ability to act as a sedative, basil essential oil is a product that everyone should own. Plus, the oil’s aroma can improve the scent of your home!

If you’re going to purchase a bottle of basil essential oil, it’s important to know which brands are better than others. Some brands fill their essential oils with additives that take away from the various healing properties of the plants. For this reason, we’ve made a list of the best basil essential oils that money can buy.

The Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil is a remarkably versatile product that can improve your life tremendously. When inhaled, the oil acts as a sedative, calming one’s mind while slowing down the nervous system. The oil can also kill a wide variety of germs within the body and around the home.

Basil essential oil is also commonly used as a natural insect repellent. Whether you want to keep critters out of your home or off of your body, this oil is amazingly effective.

The Best Basil Essential Oils That You Can Purchase Online

Basil Essential Oil by doTERRA

The essential oils from doTERRA are renowned for their high quality and purity. In fact, this oil is so potent that a couple of drops can treat a wide range of health issues. The amber bottle in which the oil is contained prevents oxidization so that the oil does not go rancid.

Many customers love that just one or two drops of this essential oil can numb pain when applied to the skin. This product has also been found to treat ear infections because of its antibacterial properties. Purchase [amazon link=”B004O222GK” title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B004O222GK” /]

Basil Essential Oil by Artizen

Artizen is a brand that you can trust thanks to their rigorous testing for quality control purposes. Every batch of basil essential oil is carefully tested for purity, ensuring a high-quality product that won’t let you down. The attractive green bottle helps block light exposure, preserving the integrity of the oil’s various chemical compounds.

Many people who use this oil appreciate its powerful and invigorating aroma. This particular product is a popular choice for DIY skincare products and soaps. Plus, diffusing the oil can fill your home with the wonderfully spicy and minty aroma of fresh basil leaves. Purchase [amazon link=”B06Y2HSZ8Q” title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B06Y2HSZ8Q” /]

Basil Essential Oil by Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions is a brand that aromatherapy practitioners swear by. Thanks to the strong potency of this brand’s basil essential oil, it’s a fantastic choice for any type of application. This relatively affordable product is extremely aromatic as well.

Migraine sufferers adore this brand’s basil essential oil. In fact, just a couple of drops poured into a bath can significantly decrease pain of all kinds. Others have found that this particular product boosts lactation when breastfeeding. Plus, it has been lauded for its insect-repelling powers. Purchase [amazon link=”B00PHS61F8″ title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B00PHS61F8″ /]

Basil Essential Oil by Grandma’s Home

In addition to having an adorable name, Grandma’s Home delivers high-quality essential oils that are unbelievably potent. The oil is extremely high in quality. Plus, its thin consistency makes it very easy to apply. The strong aroma indicates purity, ensuring a product that isn’t diluted in any way.

Many customers find that this oil’s aroma is more pungent than that of other brand’s basil oils. In other words, a little goes a long way. Therefore, you can add this oil to an oil diffuser and fill your home with that glorious aroma all day long while keeping bugs away. Purchase [amazon link=”B0135AA2ZE” title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B0135AA2ZE” /]

Basil Essential Oil by Edens Garden

Edens Garden is another brand that vigorously tests each batch of essential oil before putting it into bottles. As a result, you’ll know that your bottle of basil essential oil is perfectly pure and high in quality. Plus, the amber bottle is dark and heavy enough to prevent oxidization.

Many people find that this particular oil can soothe the digestive tract when taken internally. Others simply diffuse it in the home because of its clean and powerful aroma. No matter what it is that you wish to do with your basil essential oil, this is an excellent product in every way. Purchase [amazon link=”B002RNVV2O” title=”Here” /].

[amazon box=”B002RNVV2O” /]


If you’re interested in reaping the many benefits of basil essential oil, grab any of these five products and you won’t be sorry. All of these oils are high in quality and delightfully aromatic.

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