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How to Clean an Aromatherapy Diffuser | Guest Post

Contribution by Nicole Gardiner

Are you a fan of using aromatherapy in your home? In this day and age, scented candles – which used to be the craze a few years ago – are now being replaced with all kinds of modern technological air fresheners and diffusers (even portable essential oil diffusers). And if you are of the people, like me, who have turned to technology and more modern ways of freshening your home, you have probably struggled with the most dreaded task – cleaning.

Or if you haven’t done it yet, you will likely be searching your head (and the web) for ideas on how to clean your modern diffuser – especially if you use your diffuser for essential oils.

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Because just like everything else that is being used in your home, your essential oil diffuser needs to be cleaned as well – that is, if you want it to work properly and live long. The most common problems are grime build up and dust. And if the build up and dust are too much they will be obstructing your diffuser’s work. That is why it needs to be cleaned regularly (how often to clean it will, of course depend on frequently you use it).

Cleaning Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Cleaning your aromatherapy diffuser isn’t too difficult. I have tried a few different ways and can say from experience that the easiest way is oftentimes the best way. There might be special cleaning products for different types of diffusers, but they typically aren’t necessary.

If you are neat and organised you probably have your essential oil diffuser instructions around. And you can follow their cleaning instructions. But if you are like me, you would have to improvise. So far I have not had any problems cleaning my essential oil diffuser.

Here is one very old method used by Dream Cleaning Islington to clean modern essential oil diffusers. I have an essential oil nebulizer, which is one of the most common types. All in all, they are practical and easy to use. If you have the same one (or any other kind, really), it’s pretty safe to say that this old-y method is safe for your diffuser.

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Clean Aromatherapy DIffuserFirst, unplug and turn off the device. Then open it up. Remove all liquids from it. Note that you should not use harsh or any other chemicals to clean your diffuser. Any residues will be mixed with the essential oil and dispersed into the air that you breathe. Wipe the interior with a cotton cloth, then with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol clean the water tank, the attachments, the nozzles, etc.

Another Option…

Another way you can clean your essential oil diffuser is by mixing equal parts tap water and vinegar, leave it soak for a few hours and then rinse and wipe to dry. The vinegar can kill all bacteria and grime build up inside of your diffuser.

These two methods can be used on most essential oil diffusers on the inside and the outside. Soak a cloth in the water- vinegar solution or with a bit of diluted rubbing alcohol and clean your essential oil diffuser.

It is important to clean diffusers regularly, especially if you use them daily. It will be safer for your family’s health, it will allow them to disperse only natural aroma in your home, and it will prevent the mixing of different scents. You will get to have a properly working and useful essential oil diffuser by just taking 5 minutes once a week or once a month.

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