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Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets For doTERRA Products

As you likely already know, doTERRA is one of the most renowned essential oil companies. They have a wide selection of oils that are potent, pure, and rich in therapeutic qualities.

Now, what about their applications? Topical, diffuser, and even internal use, are the common ways people apply their oils. What most aromatherapy users aren’t aware of are the essential oil diffuser bracelets and necklaces that can be used with doTERRA oils (or any oil company, for that matter).

Disclaimer: We used to be doTERRA Wellness Advocates, but we are no longer distributors. We still use their oils, but no longer sell the products.

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doTERRA Diffuser Bracelets

Diffuser Bracelets For doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA does not have their own line of diffuser jewelry (neither bracelets or necklaces); therefore, you must find a third-party company. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions out there.

You might find a bracelet that diffuses from a felt pad. Or one that diffuses from stones on a rubber band (similar looking to a FitBit). Or, you might find a lava bead diffuser bracelet that holds a scent in the porous holes of the stones.

While they all serve the main primary purpose – to diffuse essential oils – some options do have barriers. For example:

  • Felt pad diffusers: While most felt pad diffusers are quite stylish, the pads typically only hold a scent for a few hours.
  • Rubber diffusers: Most of the “rubber”-style diffusers you will find use stones that can hold a scent for an entire day, if not longer. However, the style and aesthetics of these bracelets are a significant barrier for most aromatherapy users. Put simply, they’re not for everyone.
  • Lava stone diffusers: Like most felt pad diffusers, lava stone bracelets are very stylish. The most common style includes a string of black diffusable lava beads, combined with colorful stones. These are the best of both worlds, as they have the style of the felt pad diffusers while maintaining the aroma longevity of rubber diffuser bracelets.

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How to Apply Your doTERRA Oils

Chakra Diffuser BraceletApplying your doTERRA oils to a diffuser bracelet is simple!

You’ll see the bracelets have a row of colorful beads, surrounded by a string of black stones. The black stones are where you will apply your oils.

Simply choose a stone, apply a drop or two of oil, and then swirl the stone in a circular motion. This will allow the oils to seep into the holes of the stone. The stone will then take on a glossy form.

If you want a more powerful scent, apply to multiple stones. If you want to blend multiple oils, you can do so on the same stone or apply on separate stones.

It’s as simple as that. Now you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your doTERRA oils all day long (depending on the oil, maybe even days at a time)!

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11 thoughts on “Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets For doTERRA Products”

  1. I have a question for you.. If i understand correctly, i have to remember which oil i used on which bead… Or can i rince the beads to start over with an other oil?

  2. Hi there Marie,

    Thanks so much for your question. You do not have to remember which oil you used on which bead.

    The beads can be rinsed as often as you like to use different oils.



  3. I’m looking into this for my 3 year old grandson who has ADHD. Are these stretchy bracelets? He’d just break it. And it’s there ones made for small children?

    • Hi Donna,

      The bracelets are stretchy and are a little over 7″ when not stretched.

      Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any products made for small children. Sorry, wish we could help!


  4. Hi! I’m very overweight and I’ve tried everything. I was happy to find your Doterra Review, however, I was hoping to find more information on the products that help you lose weight.

    • I just found this and hope you were able to find the doTERRA information you need. Always go through a doTERRA Wellness Advocate or their website directly to ensure product not tampered with… also be sure to get your own account for saving $$ and free products, etc. Our support is out of this world as well as their customer service!

  5. Wow! Fantastic essential oil diffuser bracelets! I love essential oils, but I have never tried these stylish awesomeness accessories!

  6. I am so glad that I found this aromatherapy post:) I always appreciate when people share short and exciting posts like that. I’m dying wanna these bracelets!


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