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How Coconut Oil Convinced Me to Go All-Natural | Guest Post

“There is something of the marvelous in all things nature.” – Aristotle

Have you heard about coconut oil and the benefits it brings? If not, allow me to share my story. Hopefully, it could also inspire you to use it.

It all started with a jar of Coco Treasure organic extra virgin coconut oil I received as a present from a health-conscious friend for Christmas. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea on how to use it. All I know was that it’s an essential oil.

Because I didn’t want to throw it away, I did some research. I read about claims and testimonials about its beauty and health perks. Hence, I gave this ingredient a chance in our home. To my surprise, it didn’t disappoint. Coconut oil made me decide to turn my back from store-bought products. Here’s why.

1. It makes a great hair mask.

Whenever I take a shower, I apply an ample amount of this oil to every wet strand. And then, I twist my hair up and keep them under a shower cap to let the oil sit for about five minutes. After that, I rinse it. The result? My hair is moisturized and bouncy. I don’t even have problems with tangled strands.

2. It moisturizes my lips.

With coconut oil, cracked lips never stand a chance. The hydrating and moisturizing power of this oil keeps me feeling fancy the entire day. I scoop a small amount into a pocket-sized container so that I can bring it wherever I go. Whenever I feel the need to use it, I just grab my purse and apply it into my lips. It’s quick and easy!

3. It keeps my under-eye free from lines.

The skin under the eyes is delicate and thin. That makes it prone to puffiness and fine lines. Unfortunately, commercial eye creams are very expensive. For that, I resorted to natural products like coconut oil. Every night, I rub a pinch between my fingers to melt it. Then, I pat it underneath my eyes.

4. It easily gets rid dead skin cells.

Coconut OilOnce every month, I create a body scrub out of coconut oil by mixing it with sugar and salt. The mixture is then rubbed into my hands and to other rough parts of my skin. After doing that, my skin is baby soft! For my elbows and feet, I add more sugar or salt because the skin there is rougher. To make the scent more inviting, I usually add essential oils like lavender oil.

5. It effortlessly removes makeup.

This is perhaps the best use of coconut oil that made me decide to go all-natural. Yes, it effortlessly removes makeup. Even if I use only a teaspoon of this oil, a day’s worth of makeup can be taken off. I apply it in its solid state and let the heat from my skin melt it before rinsing it. It works like magic!

Since my discovery of the health perks of coconut oil, I decided to welcome a healthier lifestyle. Of course, the reasons are obvious. Well, it’s never too late to change, just like me and Randy McLean. What about you? Would you opt for all-natural products, too? I’d like to hear.

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