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doTERRA Necklace Diffusers With Lava Rock Lockets

If you are a user of doTERRA essential oils, then you already know. doTERRA is a world-renowned company providing only the finest aromatherapy solutions.

Its vast collection of oils are pure and packed with therapeutic goodness. So, how do you apply your oils?

You can, of course, apply them topically. Or, you can run them through a diffuser. Many doTERRA products can even be taken internally.

But what about while you’re on the go?

Rather than getting your fingers all oily (not to mention, having to reapply frequently) try a portable diffusing solution like essential oil diffuser jewelry.

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Diffuser Necklaces for doTERRA Oils

Unfortunately, doTERRA does not have its own collections of essential oil jewelry. But there are third-party companies that offer many varieties of diffuser necklaces and bracelets.

Now, while diffuser jewelry is somewhat of a new phenomenon, you do have options:

Option #1 – Felt Pads

Arguably the most common form, these necklaces diffuse oils through a felt pad. Connected to a typical metal chain, you’ll have a flat locket that contains a diffusable pad. In terms of application, all you have to do is put a couple drops of your chosen oil on the felt pad and place it back in the locket.

Depending on the type and brand of oil you use, the felt pad will hold a scent anywhere from a few hours up to an entire day.

Option #2 – Leather

You won’t find too many companies that sell this kind of necklace, mainly because they’re more costly. Similar to felt pads, the leather used with these necklaces can absorb essential oils and hold a scent for a significant period of time.

The drawbacks are price and availability. As there are very few companies that sell leather diffuser necklaces, you don’t have a whole lot of style options and they come at a premium price.

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doTERRA Diffuser NecklaceOption #3 – Lava Stones

Lava stone necklace diffusers are similar to the felt pad option, as they have a locket attached to a chain that holds a diffusable accessory. In this case, it’s a porous lava rock.  Add a drop or two of oil, turn the stone around until it becomes glossy, and put it into the locket.

The result is a long-lasting aroma that can last anywhere from an entire day to several days at a time.

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