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Direct Sales Consultant Home Party Companies

There is no shortage of direct sales consultant companies out there. Some of them are fantastic work from home business opportunities. Others border on the line of being unethical scams. Some of them don’t require hosting parties; for others, it’s the only way to make money.

Direct selling can be an invigorating experience, but only if you’re selling a product that you can be passionate about. If you look at a lot of the direct sales companies out there – oftentimes referred to as network marketing or multi level marketing – there are a number of businesses that offer phony products. Sure, there are legitimate “health supplement” products that can in fact “work.” But there are also “health supplement” products that, let’s face it, act as nothing more than placebos.

This is why we always emphasize the importance of quality. Not only is it the more ethical route to take, it’s much easier to sell a product that has the potential to actually enhance people’s lives. And being your own boss while doing it is just one of the many amazing perks.

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A legitimate work from home job

To kick it off, we would like to pose a few questions that should be considered when searching for a home based business – whether it’s a direct sales company with consultants or some other online business opportunity:

  • Did you stumble across the opportunity on some one-page website that is covered with “testimonials” about raking in $20,000 a month while working part-time hours?
  • Does the company tell you anything about how the business works?
  • Are you being propositioned with some get-rich-quick money making program for “only $249?”
  • If you sign up, will you be provided with any resources or training on how to build your business?

These are all important questions to ask. You have to be careful, because the people who run these operations are trained in the art of persuasion – and deception.

So, to lay all our cards out on the table – by the end of the article you’ll get our sales pitch. The difference between other sites, though, is we will tell you exactly what we do and how we do it. No gimmicks. No “sign up within the next 2 minutes.” Simply an opportunity to present that may or may not be the right fit for you. The truth is it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who are willing to stick with it and work diligently to build their business over time.

The direct sales consultant company we work with

Please note: We apologize, but due to FDA compliance, we no longer work with a direct sales essential oils company.

We’ve already concluded that some health and wellness direct sales companies can be a little sketchy. This is mainly because for a time there was a gold rush of health supplement businesses that began offering mediocre (at best) products. There wasn’t a whole lot of information on either the company or even the product itself.

The organic products we’re speaking of are much, much different. They’re not bottles of placebo pills, but therapeutic grade essential oil brands that provide amazing results.

With or without hosting parties, you can find much success selling essential oils. They are a rising trend in the natural wellness industry. And no, it’s not snake oil. The right brand of product (ahem, the one we work with) provides therapeutic benefits that can be used for an expansive list of ailments and general wellness. For instance, essential oils can:

  • Help with stomach pain and indigestion. There are some essential oil blends that are formulated specifically for these health issues.
  • Curb stress and anxiety through relaxation and sedative properties. Lavender, frankincense, and our essential oil blends can work wonders.
  • Enhance focus and concentration. Other blends can reduce inattention, helping you to stay on task at work or in the classroom.
  • Provide general health and wellness benefits. Lemon is an antibacterial and disinfectant, while the Protective blend protects you from seasonal and environmental health threats.

The list of therapeutic benefits that these essential oils have to offer is astonishing. We have well over three dozen types of single oils, blends, and probiotics that we use in our home. In terms of maintaining our health, it’s practically all we use.

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It all starts with the product

Lavender Essential OilsWe’ll get into the business side of things shortly, but we cannot emphasize this enough: A successful home-based business all starts with the product. There’s no reason to sell a low grade product simply to load up your bank account. Doing something productive by offering value to others is very rewarding. And the fact that you can earn money while doing it is icing on the cake.

That’s the message we like to preach.

If you’ve already heard of essential oils, you probably already know, it’s an industry that is exploding. And not only has it become an occasional product that people purchase one or two times a year, it has become a lifestyle that people embrace every single day.

As 100% natural, plant-based products, a quality essential oil brand truly can be lifechanging. After all, the more chemicals you can avoid consuming in your body, the healthier life you will lead. While we can’t make any scientific claims (the FDA wouldn’t approve), essential oils are known to help with everything from anxiety to insomnia to pain and inflammation.

A direct sales business opportunity

Network marketing, direct sales, whatever you want to call it, our opportunity offers a commission-based program that pays a whopping seven levels deep (feel free to ask us for the compensation schedule). The beauty of direct sales is there is no middle man. This is why legitimate direct sales companies can be so generous with their compensation structures.

Here are just a few benefits of joining the wholesale program:

  • You get 25% off all oils and related products
  • You’ll get your own partner ecommerce site to refer others for sales
  • You’ll earn 25% in commissions on all retail sales
  • You’ll have access to a robust compensation plan where you’ll earn commissions on those you enroll and those that your enrollees enroll – going seven levels deep.

We always send a welcome email to our new team members with attachments and resources to get their business started. Just to give you a little insight on how you can build your business, here are a few ideas to run with:

  • Marketing to your peers
  • Hosting classes or parties
  • Social media
  • Networking with influencers
  • Blogging / starting a website

Financially, what to expect

It’s simple. How much you earn is how much you put into it. If you’re not excited about sharing these life changing products with others the chances of you “making it” are slim to none. But if you have a passion to be your own boss, and are willing to work diligently, it may be the opportunity for you.

We always suggest that you begin with an initial goal. That may be to cover your monthly car payment. Once you hit that goal, you may move onto your mortgage. Then maybe a goal of replacing your current full-time income and becoming financially independent.

It doesn’t happen overnight. But if you work hard and smart, over time, you can certainly make a nice living with your own home based business.

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  1. Would like some info on selling your essential oils. How do I sign up? What does it cost? What do I get? What are the requirements….monthly quoted….? What is the name of your oils? Are they 100% pure oils?

  2. Would like some info on selling your essential oils. How do I sign up? What does it cost? What do I get? What are the requirements….monthly quoted….? What is the name of your oils? Are they 100% pure oils?

  3. Hi,read your page,would Luke a little more information.how much do you make? How much is it to get started? What all kind of oils do you have and are the 100% good.

  4. I also would like to know what the name of your oils are? If processed from their own native country? Ethics in truth and processing. ETC.


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