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doTERRA Party Ideas & Tips: Hosting a Class

So you’ve decided to take the leap. You’re getting ready to host your first doTERRA party (or, “class” if you want the official name of the event). Or, you’re a veteran who is just looking to enhance the experience for your guests.

If you’re a passionate advocate for natural health, sharing the power of essential oils with family, friends, and strangers is easier than it may seem.

Whether you are a presenter or a host use these doTERRA party ideas and tips to make your evening enjoyable and beneficial to all who attend.

Note: Some of the information in this article may apply to a host or a presenter (or both). But they are great ideas you can share with whoever is hosting/presenting.

Tip #1: Create an Agenda

So you’ve established a date and time for your doTERRA class and sent out your invitations. The first step is to have an agenda. If you are the host, be sure to go over this with the presenter ahead of the class. Vice versa, if you are the presenter, meet with the host to ensure you are on the same page.

Here is a basic outline of how you can build out your agenda:

  • Provide a welcome message and briefly outline the class schedule. If you are the host (not the presenter), it’s best that you take on this task.
  • Introduce the presenter. Again, if you are the presenter, have the host give a brief introduction. Bring out some personality by sharing a little fun fact about yourself.
  • Provide guests with resources of essential oils and doTERRA products. This includes handouts, website links, and any other useful information.
  • Following the presentation, let people sample some essential oils and place any orders. Finally, open up the floor for attendees to sign up as Wellness Advocates and book their own classes.

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Tip #2: Create Party Games

Incorporating a party game into your class is a great way to keep people engaged. Here are a three fun ideas:

  • “Ask Me” Icebreaker: This is a great way to start off the class. Write 15 or so topics on name tags that start with “Ask me about…” and put them face down on a table. Have each guest take a name tag and ask them to wear it. Once everyone is seated, have them pick two people to ask their question. Here are a few question ideas: “Ask me about the worst job I’ve had,” “What is the funniest joke you’ve ever heard,” “What is your dream vacation?”.
  • Ticket Game: Handing out tickets is a great incentive for keeping people engaged. For each ticket someone receives they will place their name on the ticket and put it in a hat, box, etc. At the end of the class, you will pull the tickets. Here are a few incentive ideas (1 ticket for early arrival, 1 ticket for asking a question, 5 tickets for ordering products, 10 tickets for booking a party, etc.).
  • Grab Bag: Have your guests sit in a circle or in chairs around a table. Pull out your “grab bag,” which will contain index cards that have written directions. The index cards will have directions for who they will pass the grab bag to next. Sprinkle in a card (or a few) that has a FREE gift written on it. Hand out the gift(s) to the winner(s).

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doTERRA Party IdeasTip #3: Present Party Gifts & Prizes

It’s important to provide some kind of gift for each guest who attends your class. Not only is it a good way to keep your guests alert, you can “market it” as an incentive for attending (“Just for attending, you will get a FREE gift!).

Presenting your gifts and prizes will typically occur at the end of the party (the prizes, of course, definitely will). The attendance gifts will likely be something a little less substantial, while the prizes will be more valuable (as you might only be giving out one or a couple). Here are a few ideas for some great prizes:

  • Sample doTERRA bottles (lavender, lemon, and/or peppermint are good choices)
  • A traditional stationary spa mist diffuser
  • Essential oil diffuser jewelry.

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Tip #4: Book More doTERRA Parties From Your Party

If you are the presenter, this of course is one of your top objectives: To book more parties. If you are the host and you plan on becoming a WA – or if the WA is incentivizing the number of parties booked through you – it’s also beneficial. This is something that will be performed by the presenter. Follow these steps:

  • Thank the host for opening their home in order for you to have the class.
  • Present the host with a nice gift (refer above for some ideas).
  • Offer a free gift to anyone who would like to host a class this month.
  • Pass around a calendar with several dates for them to choose from.

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