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Use Frankincense Essential Oil To Boost Your Immune System And Live A Long, Healthy Life

Infections caused by viruses and bacteria affect us all from time to time. Whether it’s a mild cold or a stomach virus that lasts for weeks, the unfortunate reality is that we all get sick. However, if it weren’t for the immune system, we would be sick much more often and the symptoms would be much more severe. The immune system works hard to keep dangerous germs out of our bodies.

Sometimes, the immune system is compromised and as a result, we get sick much more frequently. The immune system can be compromised as the result of a variety of factors. The good news is that there are affordable and natural ways to keep the immune system working properly. Frankincense essential oil is a plant-based product that keeps the immune system healthy so that it can do its job adequately.

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How Does the Immune System Work?

The immune system acts like a guard by protecting our bodies from dangerous external forces such as viruses and bacteria. When it detects an invader, it goes into attack mode. However, when the immune system is compromised, it’s too weak to protect the body from invaders. As a result, we become much more susceptible to illnesses of all kinds.

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How Frankincense Essential Oil Improves Immune System Function

Frankincense essential oil is a powerful immune system booster. With its anti-inflammatory properties and its steroid-like chemical makeup, it can enhance the function of the immune system and keep our body free of dangerous and harmful infections.


When the body is in a state of inflammation, the immune system cannot run properly. Common conditions that keep the body in a state of inflammation include arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and asthma. Frankincense essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve inflammation effectively, allowing the immune system to function properly once again. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, people often use frankincense oil for headaches (source).

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In fact, frankincense essential oil’s ability to boost the immune system has been documented. One study found a direct link between frankincense essential oil’s ability to eradicate bodily inflammation and enhanced immune system function (source).

Another study showed that the chemical makeup of frankincense oil is very similar to that of steroids. In addition to healing pain, steroids dramatically reduce inflammation and are linked to enhanced immune system function (source).

How to Use Frankincense Oil to Boost the Immune System

One of the most effective ways to take frankincense essential oil is to ingest it. This oil is known for its potency and therefore only a very small dose is required each day. You can dilute one or two drops of frankincense oil in a carrier liquid such as honey or water.

You can also inhale frankincense essential oil in order to reap the benefits of its anti-inflammatory abilities. The best way to do this is to combine the oil with hot water to produce steam. You can either pour the oil into a hot bath or use it in an oil diffuser.

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The immune system is a crucial part of our body that keeps us from contracting dangerous infections. By using frankincense oil for immune system function, you can maintain a healthy body that is free of illnesses.

If you’ve ever used frankincense oil for immune system function, tell us about it in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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