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Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

As we age, many people begin to suffer from dark circles below the eyes. These puffy bags are hardly flattering, and they are often a representation of the aging process. Not always, but aging is among the most impactful catalysts to these cosmetic misfortunes.

Naturally, as soon as these imperfections begin to surface, we scramble to find some treatment to get rid of them. While there are a host of skin creams and other skin products people use for treating these pesky little marks, there is no shortage of home remedies that work wonders for dark circles under your eyes. And some of them can indeed work overnight. It all depends on the person.

So consider these homemade, all natural remedies to remove those puffy, oftentimes embarrassing, under-eye bags.

As we have indicated, the skincare market is massive. We live in an “aging-free” world. There seems to be a skin treatment “solution” for virtually any facial “ailment.” Many of these products do offer fruitful results. Many of them also contain hidden ingredients that can be harmful to your health. And to think, you’re rubbing them directly into your skin, which means straight into your bloodstream.

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Homemade tips for treating puffy eye bags

Now, this is a problem both men and women deal with – young, old and anywhere in between. As we noted previously, it’s more common among the older folks, but bags and dark circles around the eyes can creep up on anyone. Before we offer our suggested solution, consider the common stimulants for these facial impairments.

  • Fatigue & inadequate sleep: Not getting enough sleep at night, or excessive work without rest, is one of the leading causes of dark circles. Due to your sinus cavities being right below the eyes, lack of sleep can prevent the sinuses from draining adequately.
  • Sinus issues: Sinus problems can produce bags under the eyes, due to drainage problems that increase blood flow in the maxillary sinuses. Treating any sinus issues will greatly reduce the onset of bags and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Allergies: Seasonal allergies such as hay fever are often a stimulant for bags and general discoloration of the skin. More specific allergies, like gluten intolerance, is also understood to produce dark circles.
  • Genetics: The fact is, genetics can certainly play a role, with many people inheriting dark circles from one or both of their parents. Note, if this is the ultimate cause for your under-eye blemishes, treatment is unlikely to work. Unfortunately, your best bet would be simply disguising the marks with makeup or other cosmetic cover-ups.

By understanding the underlying causes of the symptoms, you will be able to find the most effective treatment method. Now, let’s get on to our favorite home remedies for dark, puffy circles under the eyes.

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Consider the following natural “cures”

We put “cures” in quotations simply because there are a lot of cosmetic products that claim to be cure-alls. This is a bold claim, especially with facial treatments, due to the fact that every person has different skin properties. So, we won’t call these “cures,” per se – just healthy, natural alternatives to traditional, chemical-infused skincare products.

The organic remedies we’re going to focus on are essential oils. The reason we hone in on these particular products (other than the fact that we sell them), is because they contain 100% natural ingredients that are healthy not just for your skin, but for your entire body. Now we’ll break down which oils work best and why each one can be effective at eliminating those pesky eye marks:

  • Lavender: If stress or lack of sleep is the culprit, lavender has sedative properties that will help you relax and sleep easier.
  • Eucalyptus: Made up of properties that assist in eliminating swelling and puffiness under and around the eyes.
  • Roman chamomile: By applying directly to the treatment area, chamomile can reduce puffiness due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rose & sandalwood: These individual essential oils each help to hydrate your skin. Mixed with warm water, these oils will help rejuvenate the skin, therefore curbing the impact of bags and dark circles.

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For treating skin, essential oils are best used by applying topically to the affected area. Please note that if you have sensitive skin, we highly recommend mixing with a carrier oil.

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