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Use A Few Drops Of Lemon Essential Oil Daily To Achieve Soft And Luxurious Hair

Nowadays, it seems like a daily hair care routine requires a long list of different products that each serve a unique purpose. From serums to deep conditioners, these products promise to restore hair’s health overnight. But, do these products really work like they say they do?

The fact is that commercial hair care products are often loaded with ingredients that are too harsh for the delicate shafts and follicles of your beloved locks. In fact, most hair care ingredients will cause hair to become dry and damaged over time, resulting in frizzy, dull-looking tresses.

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Luckily, there are natural hair care products that can transform your hair without damaging it in the process. Lemon essential oil is one of those products. This amazingly affordable product can eliminate excess oil, clear up embarrassing dandruff, stimulate hair growth and even give you gorgeous highlights. If you’re a hair care fanatic, this is one product that belongs in your medicine cabinet.

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Why it’s Time to Throw Your Commercial Hair Products in the Garbage

If you look at the back of the bottles of your hair care products, you’re going to find a lot of names of chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Commercial hair care brands add a staggering amount of cheap chemicals to their products in order to extend their shelf lives and bring down manufacturing costs. However, these chemicals are known for wreaking havoc on your hair as well as your health.

For instance, sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical used in many commercial hair care products. This foaming agent is incredibly inexpensive and is known for its cleaning properties. The problem with sodium lauryl sulfate is that it cleans hair very aggressively by stripping it of all of its moisture. It’s also a known eye irritant (source).

Sadly, sodium lauryl sulfate isn’t the only problem. Hair care products are full of other toxic chemicals as well. Chemical emulsifiers, preservatives and synthetic fragrances can all irritate your scalp, damage your hair and even harm the body if absorbed through the skin in large quantities.

How Lemon Essential Oil Can Improve Your Hair Naturally

Lemon essential oil is an inexpensive product that offers multiple benefits to your hair. Aside from the fact that this oil is incredibly effective at treating most hair-related issues, it’s a must-have for any hair care lover because of its ability to save you money. Just a couple drops of lemon essential oil can fix many different hair complaints at once.

Lemon Essential Oil for Chemical-Free Highlights

It’s no secret that most women are happy to spend tons of money in order to receive gorgeous golden highlights. The most popular method for achieving highlights is the use of bleach. The problem is that bleach can damage hair beyond repair. It can also cause serious health issues as it is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream (source).

Lemon essential oil, on the other hand, is a totally safe and easy way to achieve natural-looking highlights. By putting the oil in your hair and sitting in the sun, the pigment of the hair shafts is gradually lifted away, unveiling a lighter color underneath. Best of all, this oil won’t damage your hair in any way.

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Lemon Essential Oil to Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is a condition that’s both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Anyone who suffers from dandruff is familiar with the appearance of unsightly white flakes covering their shoulders. The itchy, irritated skin that is associated with dandruff is an incredibly annoyance as well.

Lemon essential oil combats dandruff thanks to its unique chemical compounds. The oil possesses both powerful anti-inflammatory abilities and fungus-killing superpowers (source).
Because dandruff is a fungal infection that causes skin inflammation, lemon essential oil can knock it out quickly and effectively (source).

Lemon Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Lemon essential oil can stimulate hair growth in a variety of ways. For one thing, its high vitamin C content boosts collagen production on the scalp, improving the health of the hair follicles quickly. The oil also has citric acid that unclogs congested hair follicles, allowing the room required for hair to grow. Plus, its potent anti-fungal properties will kill any fungal infections that may cause hair loss (source).

Lemon Essential Oil for Oily Hair

Because of the citric acid in lemon essential oil, it can treat excessively oily hair. The acid actually absorbs the excess oil, resulting in hair that’s thick and healthy instead of limp and greasy (source).

How to Apply Lemon Essential Oil to Your Hair

Lemon essential oil can be easily applied to the hair via a carrier oil. First, pour about six drops of lemon essential oil into a bowl. Then, add a couple of tablespoons of a carrier oil like olive oil. Mix these two oils together thoroughly before massaging the mixture into your hair and scalp. Leave the mixture in the hair for about 20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out in the shower with lukewarm water. You may do this about three to four times a week.

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Lemon essential oil is the ultimate must-have for anyone who cares about the health and appearance of their hair. This fresh-smelling product can do it all, transforming your hair in virtually no time.

If you’ve ever used lemon essential oil as part of your beauty routine, let us know about it by leaving us a comment! Don’t forget to send this article to your hair-obsessed loved ones.

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