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15 Mind-Blowing Ways To Enhance Everyday Products With Essential Oils

With their incredible healing properties, essential oils can improve our lives in so many ways. These oils are heavily concentrated, allowing them to treat countless ailments with just a couple of drops. For this reason, essential oils can be added to everyday products in order to enhance their benefits. For instance, did you know that a couple of drops of rosemary essential oil can eliminate dandruff? What about the fact that just one drop of clove essential oil can get rid of a toothache? If you are ready to upgrade some of your household products with these amazing oils, this list is for you.

Fifteen Ways to Enhance Your Everyday Products with Essential Oils

1. Add Tea Tree Essential Oil to Your Facial Cleanser to Fight Pimples

Tea tree essential oil is an incredibly powerful antibacterial agent that has been found to kill the bacteria responsible for acne on contact. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, are capable of reducing the redness and swelling that takes place when we have a pimple.

If you want to fight pimples in a natural way, you can simply add some tea tree oil to your daily facial cleanser and reap its acne-fighting properties while enjoying the tingly sensation that it provides when it touches skin. All that you have to do is pour about three drops of tea tree oil for every five ounces of cleanser.

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2. Add Lemon Essential Oil to Your Dishwasher Detergent to Cut Grease

Have you ever run the dishwasher and found that your dishes were still slick with grease? If the answer is yes, it’s time to pick up some lemon essential oil. The oil acts as a solvent, cutting through grease with ease. Plus, its germ-fighting properties will make sure that your dishes are as clean as can be.

To fight grease when you run the dishwasher, add about four drops of lemon essential oil to the compartment in which you put the detergent. Then, fill the remainder of the compartment with your preferred dishwasher detergent and let the dishwasher run.

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3. Add Rosehip Essential Oil to Your Moisturizer to Reduce the Signs of Aging

Rosehip essential oil has become a popular product among skincare enthusiasts because of its remarkable ability to give skin a young and radiant appearance. The oil’s high level of antioxidants helps fight cell damage, wrinkles and even acne scars. If you want to reap the beauty-enhancing effects of this miracle product, simply pour about ten drops of rosehip oil into your jar of moisturizer. Give it a good stir before applying it liberally to your face.

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4. Add Lemon Essential Oil to Your Conditioner to Achieve Natural-Looking Highlights

Lemon essential oil is known for its ability to lighten hair in a natural way. The citric acid in lemon oil very gradually and gently strips away pigment, giving hair gorgeous highlights that don’t look fake. If you want to achieve highlights without covering your scalp with bleach, you can just pour about twenty drops of lemon essential oil into your daily conditioner bottle. Give the bottle a good shake before applying it to your hair. To boost its bleaching effects, try sitting under the sun for thirty minutes after applying the conditioner.

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5. Add Lavender Essential Oil to Your Laundry Detergent to Give Clothes a Fresh and Calming Scent

Lavender essential oil is renowned for its ability to ease stress and anxiety when inhaled. Therefore, why not infuse your clothes with the wonderful scent of lavender? The next time you do a load of laundry, add four or five drops of lavender essential oil to the compartment that holds your laundry detergent. Your clothes will come out smelling like glorious lavender.

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6. Add Lemon Essential Oil to Your Water to Get Some Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient that helps us fight diseases, maintain a calm mind and keep our energy levels high. Lemon essential oil is packed with vitamin C, making it the perfect addition to your morning glass of water. Unlike vitamin tablets that aren’t always fully absorbed when ingested, a couple drops of lemon essential oil will supply you with all of the vitamin C that you need. Simply pour two drops of lemon oil into a glass of water and give it a good stir.

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7. Add Rosemary Essential Oil to Your Shampoo to Combat Dandruff

Dandruff is an inflammatory condition that can cause tremendous embarrassment. In addition to the annoyance of those ugly white flakes that collect on the shoulders, this condition can be incredible uncomfortable, causing the scalp to itch like crazy. Fortunately, just a few drops of rosemary essential oil can fight the inflammation that is causing the discomfort while treating the underlying infection that is responsible for the dandruff.

When you purchase a new bottle of shampoo, take off its cap and pour about twenty drops of rosemary essential oil into the bottle. Give the bottle a good shake before using.

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8. Add Tea Tree Essential Oil to Your Bathroom Cleaner to Kill Mold and Fight Odors

It seems like no matter how hard we scrub those tiles, that little patch of black mold just won’t go away. If you’re tired of fighting mold in the bathroom, turn to tea tree essential oil. The oil’s powerful anti-fungal properties combat mold on contact. Plus, the oil’s strong minty aroma will deodorize your bathroom whenever you clean. Just take the lid off of your cleaning spray and add about twenty drops of tea tree essential oil. Then, spray away!

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9. Add Frankincense Essential Oil to Your Firewood to Fill Your Home with a Woodsy, Spicy Aroma

If you want to fill your home with a wonderful fragrance while you sit by the fire, try pouring some essential oils right onto the firewood. Frankincense essential oil is a popular scent for the winter months because of its spicy and woodsy aroma. As soon as you light the fire, the room will fill with the intoxicating smell of frankincense.

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10. Add Basil Essential Oil to Your Tomato Sauce to Enhance its Flavor

Fresh basil adds delicious flavor to any dish. Unfortunately, this beloved herb is notorious for going bad after only a couple of days in the refrigerator. If you want to add a hint of fresh basil to your tomato sauce, try pouring about four drops into the pot of sauce after taking it off of the heat. No one will know that you didn’t use fresh basil!

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11. Add Lemon Essential Oil to Your Jams to Make Them Last Longer

Thanks to its high level of citric acid, lemon essential oil acts as a non-toxic preservative that can keep food from going rotten. If you like to make your own jams and jellies, a couple drops of lemon essential oil will keep bacteria and fungus at bay. Plus, the zesty taste of lemon will actually enhance the flavor of your fruit spreads. The oil’s germ-fighting activity is so potent that you only need to add about four drops per jar.

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12. Add Orange Essential Oil to Your Wood Cleaner to Give Your Furniture a Beautiful Shine

Orange essential oil is the ideal product for adding shine to wood. Because of the oil’s chemical composition, it won’t eat away at the wood fibers. Plus, the oil’s heavenly aroma will have your entire home smelling like fresh citrus! To polish your wood with this wonderful product, simply twist off the cap of a new bottle of wood cleaner and add about twenty drops of orange essential oil.

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13. Add Lavender Essential Oil to Your All-Purpose Cleaning Spray to Calm Your Mind

As we stated earlier, lavender essential oil can profoundly decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. If you want to reap the oil’s stress-busting effects all day long, try adding about twenty drops of lavender oil to a new bottle of all-purpose cleaning spray. Whenever you’re cleaning, you’ll smell that wonderful aroma. Plus, the oil’s antibacterial properties can kill a wide variety of household germs!

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14. Add Clove Essential Oil to Your Mouthwash to Treat a Toothache

Amazingly, clove essential oil can numb pain on contact. In fact, the oil is often used by dentists as a nontoxic numbing agent during surgical procedures. If you have a tooth ache or sore gums, try pouring about twenty drops of clove essential oil into a large bottle of mouthwash. Give the bottle a good shake and swish the clove-infused mouthwash for about sixty seconds before rinsing it out. You should feel relief from your pain almost instantly.

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15. Add Oregano Essential Oil to Your Foot Cream to Destroy Fungus

If your toenails are prone to fungal infections, oregano essential oil can help. The oil possesses strong anti-fungal properties that kill fungus quickly when applied topically to the area. If you want your foot cream to fight toenail fungus while softening the skin of your feet, simply pour the entire contents of your tube of foot cream into a small plastic container. Then, add about ten drops of oregano essential oil. Stir the cream and oil together and apply this mixture liberally to your feet.

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These fifteen tips will turn your everyday products into multi-tasking godsends. With their incredible chemical compounds that can do everything from calm anxiety to kill bacteria, essential oils can clearly improve our daily lives.

If you like to add essential oils to your everyday products, feel free to share your tips with us by leaving us a comment below!

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