Keep Creepy Critters Out Of Your Home And Off Of Your Body With Oregano Essential Oil

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes gorgeous weather, hours of sunlight and lots of social activity. Unfortunately, the summer also brings unwelcome guests like mosquitoes and ticks. These pests can quickly turn a day spent outdoors sour.

While there are many fairly effective insect repellents available in drug stores, these products are not exactly safe to use on a regular basis. For one thing, many people find these popular bug sprays to be irritating to the skin. Worst of all, however, is the fact that popular bug sprays contain a plethora of toxic ingredients that can wreak havoc on the body when inhaled or absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream (source).

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The good news is that there is a safe way to keep the bugs away this summer. Oregano essential oil is completely harmless when used topically as a bug repellent. Plus, it is incredibly effective as most insects are naturally repelled by its scent.

How Oregano Oil Keeps Bugs Away

Carvacrol, the leading chemical compound in oregano essential oil, is a natural bug repellent. Also found in mint and thyme, this compound is highly unpleasant to insects of all kinds (source).

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Insecticidal Abilities

Because of its strong scent that repels insects of all kinds, oregano oil is a highly effective insecticide. By spraying oregano oil on plants, you can prevent insects from causing damage to your garden (source).

Carvacrol’s insecticidal properties also make oregano essential oil an effective bug spray. When diluted in water and sprayed onto the body, oregano essential oil will repel insects like mosquitoes, ticks and bed bugs. Best of all, this oil will not irritate the skin like many popular bug spray products.

Flea Treatment for Pets

Oregano oil also repels and kills fleas. Cats and dogs often attract fleas which can lead to tremendous discomfort and even certain health risks (source).

Oregano oil will repel fleas when applied to your animal’s fur. Plus, this oil is capable of killing fleas on contact (source).

How to Use Oregano Essential Oil as an Insect Repellent

To repel insects with oregano essential oil, simply apply the oil topically to the skin. Often, the oil is diluted in water and poured into a spray bottle.

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Thanks to the power of oregano essential oil, you can keep the bugs away all summer long without having to use toxic bug sprays. This potent oil is extremely safe to use and highly effective.

Have you ever used oregano oil for insect repellent? Let us know how it worked by leaving us a comment. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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