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Remedy Cures for Restless Leg Syndrome While Pregnant

While pregnancy is certainly a joyous period of your life, it’s not without its physical and emotional discomforts. One physical obstacle many women suffer from while pregnant is Restless Leg Syndrome.

It’s an unfortunate reality. And trying to relieve Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms while pregnant can be a nightmare (no pun intended), especially when you want to avoid chemically-infused drugs that could potentially harm your baby.

That being said, there are natural remedy “cures” for Restless Leg Syndrome that can ease your symptoms naturally during pregnancy. We put “cures” in quotations, because it isn’t a cure, per se (and the FDA wouldn’t approve of such assertions). But anyways…

Somewhere between five and fifteen percent of adults suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. Nearly 20 percent of pregnant women will develop symptoms at some point during their pregnancy. While it doesn’t spur serious health problems, it can disrupt sleep and lead to fatigue. All that being said, consider these natural remedies to curb your RLS symptoms at home.

Natural RLS treatment without medication

Pregnancy Remedy Cures While PregnantBurning, tingling, that irresistible urge to kick – you know the feeling. So what can be done? First, below are a few general techniques:

  • Take breaks from work or “play” and get moving. A brief walk around the block can work wonders for restlessness.
  • Increase circulation by stretching your legs or jogging in place for a few minutes.
  • Ease both your body and mind by giving yourself gentle leg massages.
  • Take a hot bath, as it helps relax the body and soul.
  • Applying ice to your legs can help calm restless feelings.
  • Watch your diet. Eating heavy meals right before bed can intensify RLS symptoms.
  • Relaxation techniques, like meditation, can calm the mind and soul – in turn, relaxing your entire body.

The best way to relieve Restless Leg Syndrome

This isn’t necessarily a replacement for the tips we’ve outlined above. But many people find natural remedy products highly effective at relieving symptoms of RLS – particularly during pregnancy when you have to be careful about what you consume into your body.

As you may already know, having restless legs can impact not just your legs, but your whole body, as the physical sensations of your lower half creep up into your upper half. In essence, it leaves you tossing and turning throughout the night. It then becomes a psychological battle, as anxiety begins to intensify your symptoms.

This is where aromatherapy products, like essential oils, can help. Lavender, one of the most popular oils available, has sedative benefits that can help ease the mind and body. For many people, it creates subtle feelings of euphoria. All in all, it is the most popular single oil for promoting relaxation. Many people find single oils like frankincense and ylang ylang to be effective.

In addition, there are essential oil blends that are formulated specifically for their relaxation benefits. These products include a number of oils mixed into a single bottle for easy application.

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