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Use Rosehip Essential Oil To Say Goodbye To Unsightly Scars And Marks At Last

Many of us have scars on our bodies that we wish would just go away already. Whether it’s acne scars or a scar that resulted from an accident that occurred years ago, we all want to find a way to eliminate the appearance of scars quickly so that our skin can look even and healthy.

There are many creams and serums on the market that promise to rid the skin of the appearance of scars. However, many of these creams are highly expensive and are loaded with ingredients that aren’t good for the skin. Unnatural ingredients like synthetic fragrances are known irritants that can cause the skin to break out as the result of inflammation. Parabens, a group of chemicals that are found in many skincare products, can even cause serious bodily harm over time. Parabens have been linked to numerous health conditions like breast cancer and decreased sperm production (source).

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Thankfully, rosehip essential oil is a completely safe and natural product that boasts a variety of nutrients and chemical compounds that can fade scars quickly without damaging the skin.

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How Rose Hip Oil Fades Scars

For centuries, people have been using rosehip essential oil as a method for reducing the appearance of scars. This affordable oil boasts numerous chemical compounds and nutrients that heal the skin and regenerate skin cells, allowing the appearance of scarred skin to disappear. In fact, one study proved that rosehip oil can permanently and completely remove the appearance of scars by applying the oil daily to patients who had scars caused by severe burns (source).

Essential Fatty Acids

Rosehip oil is full of essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid. These acids have been proven to reduce the appearance of scars quickly and permanently. They stimulate the skin’s production of new, healthy skin cells so that the old, scarred skin cells can disappear. Plus, the enzymes in fatty acids break down damaged skin cells, allowing new cells to take their place (source).

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Vitamin A

Rosehip essential oil is also full of vitamin A which contains high levels of trans-retinoic acid. In fact, many expensive skincare products use this same acid to reduce the appearance of scars. This acid rids the skin of the appearance of scars by killing the top layer of skin cells, allowing healthy, younger-looking skin to emerge from beneath the skin’s surface (source).

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in its pure form is a very popular product for reducing the appearance of scars. Rose hip essential oil also contains vitamin E. While studies are inconclusive when it comes to vitamin E’s ability to fade scars, many dermatologists believe that applying vitamin E to a new burn or wound will help the skin heal quicker, preventing severe scarring (source).

How to Use Rosehip Essential Oil to Fade Scars

To treat scars with rosehip oil, simply apply the oil topically to the skin on a daily basis. You can either apply a few undiluted drops to the affected area or dilute the oil in a carrier oil like olive oil.

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Thanks to the amazing properties of rosehip oil, you can reduce the appearance of scars in a totally inexpensive and natural way. This oil’s unique combination of chemical compounds gives it its incredible scar-fading power.

Let us know in the comments how you like to use rosehip essential oil. Feel free to share this article with anyone you know who might benefit from this useful information!

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