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Safe And Inexpensive Tea Tree Essential Oil For Getting Rid Of Embarrassing Acne

It’s estimated that by 2020, the skincare industry will be worth $675 billion (source). It’s no surprise that a large portion of the skincare market is targeted toward those who are looking to get rid of embarrassing acne. When you walk into a drug store, you can find rows and rows of beautifully-packaged skincare products that promise to eliminate pimples and blemishes for good. But, just how effective are these products? Are they even safe to use on the skin long-term?

Fascinatingly, extensive research indicates that one of the most effective methods for eliminating acne is the application of tea tree essential oil. In this article, you’ll learn all about how this miracle product gets rid of embarrassing acne for good in a completely safe and inexpensive way.

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Where Does Acne Come From?

Most of us associate the appearance of acne with adolescence. During puberty, abrupt hormonal changes can often lead to breakouts on the face and body (source). As these hormone levels go through tremendous changes, the skin secretes excessive amounts of an oil called sebum that causes congestion of the pores. When a pore is congested with sebum, it becomes infected and inflamed. The result is a big red bump known as a pimple (source).

The unfortunate reality is that acne doesn’t just affect teenagers. In fact, studies show that adult acne is becoming more and more common (source). Part of the problem is that acne has several known causes. Lifestyle factors, hormonal imbalances and poor overall health can all contribute to this unsightly condition. The FDA has estimated that about 80 percent of Americans have suffered from acne at some point in their lives (source).

Why the Commercial Skincare Industry Can’t Be Trusted

Most people who suffer from acne turn to the skincare aisle at their local drug store. These aisles are lined with various creams, cleansers and masks that contain chemicals that supposedly stop acne dead in its tracks. These products are usually fairly expensive. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to make acne worse. Even more frighteningly, they can wreak havoc on your health (source).

Simply put, most commercial skincare companies use cheap, toxic ingredients in order to keep costs to a minimum. Popular ingredients like petroleum-based fragrances, formaldehyde and sodium lauryl sulfate have all been linked to serious health problems. Plus, these ingredients are known to irritate the skin, potentially worsening acne as the skin produces even more sebum in an attempt to soothe irritation (source).

Why Tea Tree Oil is All You Need to Combat Your Acne

Various studies have proven tea tree oil’s amazing effectiveness when it comes to getting rid of acne for good. This is because tea tree oil has high levels of antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Because acne is simply a bacterial infection of the pores, tea tree oil eliminates the underlying cause while reducing inflammation and eradicating any fungal infections that can aggravate the skin (source).

In fact, one study compared tea tree oil’s effectiveness with that of other popular acne medications (source). Needless to say, the results concluded that tea tree essential oil is an excellent product for getting rid of acne. Another study concluded that tea tree oil reduces the number of pimples on the skin when applied regularly (source).

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Long before the days of prescription antibiotics, people relied on tea tree essential oil to kill bacterial infections of all kinds. This oil’s unique chemical compounds give it its potent antibacterial properties. In fact, tea tree’s antibacterial properties are so powerful that the oil has been proven to treat potentially-deadly staph infections (source).

One of the things that makes the treatment of acne such a challenge is the fact that it spreads along the skin with such ease. Because each pimple is loaded with bacteria, the simple act of touching a pimple and then touching another part of your face can result in a serious breakout. Therefore, a powerful antibacterial agent that’s gentle enough for delicate skin tissue is required in order to put an end to acne. Needless to say, tea tree oil is the ideal choice.


Have you ever wondered why a pimple gets so big, red and tender to the touch? The answer is inflammation. As stated previously, a pimple is simply an infected pore. When a pore is infected, the body sends proteins to the pore in attempt to heal the infection. This results in the swelling, redness and pain that we associate with pimples (source).

In order to reduce the redness and swelling that gives acne its unsightly appearance, a potent yet gentle anti-inflammatory agent is required. That’s where tea tree oil comes in. This powerful anti-inflammatory product can quickly and effectively reduce the redness, swelling and pain caused by inflamed pores on the skin. One study proved that tea tree essential oil can visibly and significantly reduce swelling when applied to the skin (source). The oil has also been proven to reduce the pain associated with inflammation. If you’e ever suffered from acne, you know just how painful those pimples can be (source).


One of the lesser-known causes of acne involves fungus. For one thing, a fungal skin condition called folliculitis is often confused with acne because of the fact that its appearance is so similar. Those who have folliculitis will only find relief from their symptoms when they apply an anti-fungal medication to the skin (source).

There’s also evidence that fungal infections of the body can cause acne. Candida, a yeast infection of the digestive system, can lead to inflammation of the body. Studies show that this high level of inflammation can disrupt the pH levels of the skin, resulting in acne (source).

Tea tree essential oil is renowned for its anti-fungal properties. This essential oil is safe enough to treat both external and internal fungal infections. In fact, tea tree oil is such a gentle yet potent anti-fungal treatment that it is commonly used to treat vaginal yeast infections (source).

How to Treat Acne with Tea Tree Essential Oil

If you’ve read this article up to this point, you’re probably dying to know how to apply tea tree oil to get rid of your acne once and for all. Fortunately, using this essential oil is extremely simple. You can simply dilute a couple of drops into one tablespoon of a carrier oil and apply it directly to the affected area on the skin. You may apply tea tree oil to the skin twice each day until the acne has completely gone away.

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If you are one of the countless people who suffer from acne, it’s time to ditch the expensive and toxic commercial skincare products and grab a bottle of tea tree essential oil. This safe, inexpensive and multi-tasking product has been proven effective by countless studies.

Have you ever tried putting tea tree oil on your skin in order to treat a pimple? Let us know in the comments below!

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