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Stop Wasting Your Money On Expensive Creams And Use These Essential Oils To Beat Acne Once And For All

If you suffer from acne, you’re certainly not alone. About 85 percent of young adults suffer from acne. Despite being incredibly common, those who suffer from acne still feel ashamed of their appearance and desperately try every product on the market in an effort to put an end to those pesky pimples (source).

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Essential Oil Remedies For Acne Infographic

Today, you can choose from tens of thousands of acne products. These commercial skincare products promise to eliminate acne in no time. To the despair of the sufferer, however, it’s quickly evident that many of these products don’t do much to treat acne. Essentially, most of these commercial products are simply nice-smelling chemicals that have been put in fancy packaging.

To make matters worse, many commercial acne products contain chemicals that can actually aggravate acne. In an attempt to cut down on manufacturing costs, many commercial skincare brands put cheap filler ingredients in their products that can irritate skin. Because acne-ridden skin is already inflamed and irritated, exposure to these chemicals can make acne worse than ever before (source).

In general, it’s best to avoid commercial skincare products. In these products, you’ll find ingredients like synthetic fragrances that cause severe skin irritation and may even harm the endocrine system. Other harmful ingredients include parabens, chemical emulsifiers and sodium lauryl sulfate, an aggressive cleaning agent that strips the skin of the moisture that it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.

So, how can you beat acne if you can’t rely on these popular skincare products? You may be surprised to learn that essential oils have been used for centuries to eradicate unsightly pimples. Essential oils are packed with chemical compounds that fight acne from a variety of angles. Many of these oils contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, to name a few. Best of all, these essential oils are incredibly inexpensive and completely natural, ensuring skin that’s as healthy as can be.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is simply the result of infected pores. When these pores become infected with bacteria, they swell up and turn bright red. Sometimes, these pores are even painful to the touch.

Pores can become infected by a variety of things. Often, the issue is internal. Hormonal changes are notorious for triggering acne. During puberty especially, the hormones become imbalanced. As a result, the skin produces an excessive amount of sebum, an oil that lubricates the skin. When too much sebum is secreted from the pores, the pores become clogged and infected.

Various lifestyle habits can cause acne as well. Chronic inflammation can cause the skin to essentially freak out and release too much sebum. Poor diet choices and chronic stress can also destroy the health of the skin. Additionally, a lack of personal hygiene can cause dirt and oil from the outside world to clog the pores.

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Essential Oils for Acne

In this article, you’ll learn which essential oils will get rid of acne once and for all. All of the oils listed below can be found easily online or in specialty shops. Plus, these oils are incredibly potent thanks to their chemical makeup, allowing you to treat acne with only a couple of drops. Think about how much money you will save!

It must be noted that essential oils should be diluted before they are applied to your skin. The facial skin is very sensitive and some people may find that these oils are mildly irritating when they aren’t diluted in a carrier oil. All you have to do is pour a couple of drops of an essential oil into about a tablespoon of a carrier oil like olive oil. Then, you can liberally massage the oil into the skin of the face. As an added benefit, your skin will be so moisturized that you’ll look positively radiant!

Lavender Essential Oil

Almost everyone is familiar with lavender essential oil’s many benefits. This oil is renowned for its calming effect on the mind when inhaled. The oil also contains powerful healing properties that give it the ability to tackle acne in no time.

As stated above, acne is a combination of inflammation and a bacterial infection. The bacteria inside the pores causes the skin to become inflamed. Fortunately, lavender essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as antibacterial properties. In fact, various studies have proven that lavender essential oil is an incredibly potent antibacterial agent. Therefore, this oil can kill the bacteria inside of the pores in no time (source).

Lavender essential oil’s renowned anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation on contact. By applying the oil to your face, it will quickly reduce the redness, pain and swelling of the pores (source).

Science has proven that excessive stress and anxiety can encourage the development of acne (source). Fortunately, lavender essential oil is an amazing natural sedative that, when inhaled, can slow down the nervous system and relax the mind. The oil is such a potent sedative that it’s often used to treat insomnia as it relaxes the mind and body enough to fall asleep (source).

Additionally, lavender essential oil has a high level of antioxidants (source). Recent studies have shown that antioxidants can treat acne by stopping the sebum from oxidizing, therefore preventing the pores from becoming infected (source).

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Peppermint Essential Oil

Like lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil treats acne by simultaneously killing the bacteria and reducing the inflammation of the skin. Plus, peppermint oil is packed with a chemical called menthol that promotes absorption through the skin. Therefore, by applying this oil to your face, you’re giving it the ability to quickly make its way deep into the pores for maximum effectiveness.

Another benefit of menthol is that it provides the skin with a tingly, cooling sensation. Anyone with severe acne knows that when the skin is inflamed, it feels uncomfortably warm. By applying the oil to your face, you’ll feel immediate relief from this unbearable discomfort.

Peppermint essential oil’s antibacterial properties are well-documented. When the oil is applied directly to the skin, it will kill bacteria quickly (source).

Peppermint oil also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, allowing it to reduce the appearance of acne by shrinking swollen skin and eliminating redness. Peppermint oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are so powerful that the oil is found in most over-the-counter topical pain relievers (source).

Have you ever heard of that trick that involves putting toothpaste on a pimple in order to dry it out? Part of the reason that this method is so popular is because of the high level of menthol found in most toothpaste products. Peppermint oil contains even higher levels of menthol than commercial toothpastes, tackling pimples aggressively in no time.

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Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil is another effective acne treatment. In fact, this oil has been researched specifically for its ability to kill the type of bacteria that is responsible for acne. One study found that clove essential oil is among the most effective acne treatments on the planet (source).

In addition to its strong antibacterial properties, clove oil also has anti-inflammatory abilities that allow it to quickly reduce the appearance of pimples (source). Plus, this oil is packed with antioxidants, keeping acne at bay by protecting the skin against cell damage while stopping sebum from oxidizing (source).

Like lavender essential oil, clove essential oil can dramatically reduce stress levels that make acne worse. Simply inhaling the oil on a daily basis will give you the peace of mind that you need to maintain clear skin (source).

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Rosehip Essential Oil

For thousands of years, women have been applying rosehip essential oil to their skin in order to achieve a glowing, acne-free complexion. Now, science confirms that this special product is capable of transforming the skin. Specifically, the oil’s ability to combat acne is nothing short of remarkable.

Rosehip essential oil has been studied specifically for its effects on acne. Thanks to a combination of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can eliminate acne one pimple at a time.

The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties quickly reduce the appearance of pimples by eliminating swelling and redness (source). Meanwhile, the oil’s antibacterial properties destroy the bacteria inside of the pores that’s causing the outbreak (source).

As an added bonus, rosehip essential oil is renowned for its ability to eliminate the appearance of scars. Anyone with severe acne knows that the marks that these pimples leave behind can take ages to fade. Fortunately, rosehip essential oil has a rare ability to stimulate skin cell regeneration, replacing scarred skin cells with healthy, new ones (source).

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil may be one of the most effective acne products out there. This potent oil aggressively kills pimples without harming your sensitive skin. Tea tree oil’s incredible combination of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties gives it the ability to combat acne virtually on contact.

Tea tree essential oil’s incredibly strong antibacterial properties kill pimples just as effectively as topical antibacterial ointments. Fortunately, the oil is gentle enough to fight acne without irritating the skin. In fact, tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties are so powerful that the oil has been proven to be an effective treatment for a staph infection (source).

The oil’s potent anti-inflammatory properties are well-known. One study proved that the oil dramatically reduces the redness and swelling associated with inflammation when applied to the affected area (source).

A lesser-known cause of acne is a fungal infection within the body. New research indicates that candida, a fungal infection of the digestive system, can cause acne (source). Tea tree oil is very well-known for its strong anti-fungal properties, giving it the unique ability to fight internal fungal infections that may be responsible for those unsightly pimples (source).

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Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil has several unique chemical compounds that give it an ability to fight acne like nothing else. Aside from its antibacterial properties, the oil also has incredibly high antioxidant levels thanks to its large amount of vitamin C. Plus, the oil can tone the skin, restoring it to a healthy pH level while eliminating excess oil that can congest the pores.

The potency of lemon essential oil’s antibacterial properties has been scientifically proven. When this oil makes contact with the skin, it dives deep beneath the surface to clear the pores of acne-causing bacteria (source).

The vitamin C in lemon essential oil gives it antioxidant properties, keeping the cells healthy while preventing sebum from oxidizing on the skin’s surface (source).

The citric acids in lemon essential oil tone the complexion by regulating the production of sebum. These acids adjust the pH level of the skin, telling the pores to cease overproduction of oils. As a result, the skin becomes clear and radiant (source).

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Cedarwood Essential Oil

Yet another acne-fighting essential oil is cedarwood. This oil boasts anti-inflammatory properties as well as astringent properties and a unique ability to eliminate excess oil that may congest the pores.

The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties quickly shrink pimples while getting rid of their unsightly red appearance. Meanwhile, the oil’s astringent properties thoroughly clean out the pores, eliminating the oil, dirt and bacteria that is causing the pimples. These astringent properties also balance the pH level of your skin, preventing an overproduction of sebum (source).

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Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is unique in that it can both kill the acne-causing bacteria and fade acne scars quickly. Studies have shown that bergamot oil can kill an enormous variety of bacteria strains. By applying it to your face, it will destroy the bacteria that is hiding inside of your pores (source).

The oil also fades acne scars quickly thanks to its ability to act as a cicatrizant. When applied to the skin, the oil encourages the shedding of aging, damaged skin cells, encouraging healthy, new skin cells to grow at a faster rate.

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Essential Oils Remedy For Acne Infographic


Next time an embarrassing pimple appears on your face, consider using any of the essential oils listed above. These oils are safe to use and won’t damage your skin like so many commercial acne products. Instead, they’ll help you achieve gloriously clear skin at last.

Which essential oils do you incorporate into your skincare routine? Tell us in the comments section below!

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