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Why Tea Tree Essential Oil Is The Ultimate Skincare Product For Every Skin Type

Are you a skincare junkie? If you care about the appearance and health of your complexion, chances are that you spend a good deal of money each year on products that promise to make your skin look radiant and youthful. The skincare industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars thanks to our culture’s obsession with looking beautiful. However, the skincare industry is hiding some dirty secrets. In this article, you’ll learn why you should ditch the fancy commercial skincare products and discover the many benefits of applying tea tree essential oil to your face and body.

How the Skincare Industry is Lying to You

Every year, more and more beauty brands pop up on the market, unveiling commercial skincare products that come with lofty promises of flawless, healthy skin. As you walk down your local drug store’s beauty aisle, you’ll see hundreds of cleansers, scrubs, masks and serums that swear that they can treat a variety of skin-related woes. However, if you read the ingredient lists on these products, you’re likely to find a lot of unfamiliar chemicals that shouldn’t be anywhere near your delicate complexion.

Recent studies have demonstrated the commercial skincare industry’s habit of using toxic, harsh chemicals in their products (source). For example, most skincare products use phthalates, a group of chemicals that have been shown to cause birth defects and other potentially-serious health problems. Also, commercial skincare products often contain chemicals that can aggravate existing skin conditions. For instance, most products are loaded with synthetic fragrances. These fragrances are composed of harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation, rash and dryness (source).

Currently, researchers are discovering that the skincare industry also has negative impacts on the environment. The chemicals used in many skincare products are toxic to the ecosystem. Produced in large quantities, products containing these chemicals can have serious long-term effects on the world around us (source).

The Benefits of Using Tea Tree Essential Oil on Your Skin

It’s clear that the best skincare products are natural, gentle and free of the toxic chemicals commonly used by commercial brands. When it comes to natural skincare, no product is more beneficial than tea tree essential oil. This product’s unique chemical composition gives it the ability to tackle an enormous variety of skin-related troubles.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Acne

Statistics show that approximately 60 million Americans suffer from acne. This extremely common yet deeply embarrassing condition occurs when the pores of the skin become infected and inflamed. Most often, acne is triggered by a hormonal imbalance that causes the pores to release excessive amounts of sebum, an oil that the skin produces to keep itself lubricated. This sebum clogs the pores, causing them to become infected. The red and swollen appearance of these pores is caused by inflammation (source).

Many skincare products promise to eliminate acne. However, these products often contain extremely harsh chemicals that can cause serious irritation and dryness, resulting in more acne. Fortunately, tea tree essential oil is gentle on the skin yet tough on pimples. In fact, one study compared the effects of tea tree oil on acne to those of commercial acne products. The study proved that tea tree oil is just as effective as an acne treatment (source).

Tea tree essential oil treats acne because it is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product. It quickly kills the bacteria that infects the pores while eradicating the inflammation that causes pimples.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Eczema

Eczema is an embarrassing skin condition that causes the complexion to become dry, flaky and red. This condition can be caused by inflammation, a bacterial infection or a fungal infection. While there are many creams on the market that can reduce the symptoms of eczema, very few actually treat the underlying cause (source).

However, tea tree essential oil is a powerful multi-tasking product that can both treat the symptoms of eczema as well as the cause. Tea tree oil is renowned for its anti-fungal properties, making it capable of eliminating a fungal infection that is triggering the eczema (source). The oil also has potent antibacterial properties, allowing it to kill a bacterial infection of the skin in no time (source). Plus, as an anti-inflammatory, it will reduce skin irritation caused by inflammation, leaving your complexion looking healthier than ever (source).

Tea Tree Essential Oil as a Cleanser

Tea tree oil is such a potent anti-fungal and antibacterial agent that just a couple of drops of it can eradicate a serious infection virtually overnight. For this reason, tea tree oil is an excellent facial cleanser. Just a couple of drops of tea tree oil can leave your skin free of germs that can cause skin problems such as acne and psoriasis. Plus, the fresh minty scent of tea tree oil will leave your skin smelling incredible.

How to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil for Skincare

Tea tree essential oil can be applied to the skin on a daily basis in order to treat and prevent a variety of skin problems. However, this oil is very potent. As a result, it can irritate the skin if it is applied undiluted. That’s why it’s important to dilute a few drops of the oil in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.


When it comes to maintaining healthy, glowing skin, nothing beats tea tree essential oil. This inexpensive product can treat several different skin conditions without exposing you to toxic, harsh chemicals. That’s why it’s time to throw out the commercial skincare products and get your hands on this incredible product.

Have you ever put essential oils on your skin? Feel free to share your favorite natural beauty tips in the comments section below.

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