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Essential Oils to Increase Sex Drive

Male or female, at some point in time, decreasing sex drive is something most people will suffer from. Maybe it’s a lack of energy. Maybe work or the kids are causing too much stress. Maybe it’s genetics. The point is, our libido can be diminished for a variety of reasons. And it can be extremely frustrating.

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There are a host of sex enhancement drugs available on the market. But maybe you’re hesitant to subject your body to the chemicals that are packaged with these drugs. The good thing is, you might not have to resort to traditional medications to increase your sex drive. That is, there are natural solutions like essential oils that can boost your libido and improve the overall quality of your sex life.

Before anything, understand that you are not alone. For men, decreased libido typically stems in erectile dysfunction, which can plague at least five percent of younger men and over 25 percent for men over 65.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Facts

What Essential Oils Are Good For Sex Drive?

Before outlining specific oils and blends that can help with sex-drive-killing culprits, here are a few oils that can generally improve both male and female libido.

1. Ylang ylang

The petals of this beautiful yellow flower can be discovered spread throughout marriage beds all around the globe (particularly in Asia). Broadly used in aromatherapy as an aphrodisiac, ylang ylang offers a floral scent that can stimulate the senses.  Diffuse in your bedroom to boost sexual energy.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Ylang Ylang

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2. Lavender

Arguably the most widely used oil in the aromatherapy world, lavender harbors a peaceful scent that is often associated with love. Its potent, floral scent balances hormone levels while kindling romance. Apply a couple drops to your chest and wrists, or for instant benefit, inhale deeply straight from the bottle.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Lavender

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3. Sandalwood

Used in spiritual meditation for hundreds of years, sandalwood is an oil that can particularly enliven male sexual pleasures. Its inviting wood aroma offers a range of libido-increasing benefits.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Sandalwood

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4. Clary Sage

According to a 2014 study that examined essential oils and menopause symptoms, clary sage offers an anti-depressant effect on women going through menopause. The result indicates that clary sage is an excellent balancer that can counter low sex drive.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Clary Sage

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5. Jasmine

A precious oil extracted from delicate petals of flower, jasmine has done well in many studies. One study investigated the effect jasmine aromatherapy massage has on human senses. Pulse rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, blood pressure, and other indicators revealed the arousal level jasmine can have on the nervous system.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Jasmine

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Other Factors For Increasing Libido

As we’ve concluded, there are many factors that can affect sex drive. Here are a few to identify and help overcome:

  • Stress: Anxiety is a basic yet one of the most difficult to fight causes of low libido. Being overworked strains the body, leading to lower sex drive. Struggling relationships and family demands do the same. Lavender is the most universal oil for stress.
  • Depression: Like stress, depression is a challenging obstacle for sex. It decreases motivation in all aspects of our lives. Frankincense and orange are great oils for depression.
  • Drugs: As you probably know, many drugs (legal or illegal) are stocked with a range of side effects. One of those being – poor sex drive.  Depending on the illness, some drugs might be necessary for your health. If it’s an addictive drug you’re trying to break, use black pepper to kick the addiction.
  • Diet: It’s no secret that a poor diet is detrimental to your health. Eating healthier and exercising regularly can heal your body in many ways. If you are trying to lose weight, consider grapefruit and bergamot to scale back food cravings.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Other Factors

Essential Oil Blends For Increasing Sex Drive

Oftentimes, combining multiple essential oils together can intensify the benefits, giving you the spark you need to ignite your bedroom.

The following blend can be added to a diffuser and run in your bedroom a few minutes leading up to intercourse:

  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of sandalwood
  • 2 drops of orange

For more “gender-specific” benefits, consider the two blends below. They can be massaged into your partner’s skin. Remember, libido isn’t necessarily an “on-and-off” switch situation. Rub gently, and listen to his or her body.

[amazon box=”B01MXOPU1C”]Arousal points can vary from person to person. The best place to begin and build a tempo is to start with the shoulders, then move on to the collar bone, then the thighs and inner thighs.

Essential Oils For Sex Drive - Blends

The “For Him” Blend

  • 2 drops of sandalwood
  • 1 drop of cinnamon
  • Diluted with a carrier like grapeseed oil

The “For Her” Blend

  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of ylang ylang
  • 1 drop of patchouli
  • Diluted with a carrier oil

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