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Best Essential Oils For Low Female Libido

“I have no energy.” “Work was stressful today.” “I’m just too darn tired.” These are statements that can be all too familiar, when talking about both male and female libido. Maybe you’ve already tried the plethora of sexual enhancement medications on the market. And maybe you’re now looking for a healthy, all natural, and quite pleasurable solution.

Well, we certainly have one you can try. Essential oils for female libido have been known to be highly effective in boosting your sex drive. Whether it be stress, anxiety, or some physiological issue, we have to give you our mantra, “There’s an oil for that.” While there are certainly options for men, too, we’re going to focus on the women today.

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There are a range of essential oils that can be used to increase low female libido. Working as a natural remedy, the fragrance of oils can stimulate a positive emotional state, while also impacting hormone levels. If you’re trying to rekindle the romance between you and your male counterpart, essential oils can bring a little more love and sensual magic to your bedroom.

Low LibidoCan essential oils increase libido?

For starters, here is a brief list of some of the top oils for increasing your libido:

1. Lavender

Used for many, many things, lavender is a scent that is commonly associated with love. It holds a potent, but sweet floral fragrance that kindles romance. It also helps balance out hormones in the reproductive system. Simply put a few drops on your chest, wrists, and/or behind the ears. You can also inhale deep breaths from the bottle for even greater effect.

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2. Ylang Ylang

This popular oil delivers a sweet floral scent that enhances sexual energy. The petals of this gorgeous yellow flower can be found spread across marriage beds in Asia and all around the world. It’s the perfect oil for diffusing in your living room or bedroom for a romantic evening.

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3. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a highly prized essential oil that has been used in meditation and spiritual ceremonies for centuries. We kind of cheated on this one. Because it’s generally recommended for men. But when you’re man is sporting Sandalwood essential oil, you’re bound to go crazy, due to its erotic and enticing woody aroma.

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For depression or anxiety

If it’s stress or depression that’s keeping your sexual appetite down, there are some great essential oils for that as well. Oils like Lavender and Frankincense can curb these symptoms, which lead to an increase in libido. How do they work, exactly?

  • Scent receptors in your nose transmit chemical deliveries to your brain’s limbic system.
  • In turn, the limbic system impacts your mood and emotions. It’s that simple!

To achieve the most desirable results, use pure essential oils by applying directly to the skin or including them in a warm bath. Feel free to combine these two oils or consider a blend for an even more potent effect.

Summing it up

In addition to diffusing or applying directly to your body through a topical application, you may also try putting a few drops of your favorite oil in a warm bath. You can also throw in some epsom salts for good measure.

There are many factors that go into low libido, for both males and females. But for women, the impact of sexual desires is significantly more complex. For instance, hormonal factors taking over the reproductive cycles of women alter dramatically from child-bearing, puberty, and menopause.

To recap, if it’s simply anxiety or depression, we recommend starting out with a calming oil like Lavender or Frankincense. If it’s some other factor that’s chaining your love life down, give one of our other suggested oils a try.

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