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All Of The Incredible Ways That You Can Use Clove Essential Oil To Improve Your Health And More

Thanks to its incredible variety of health benefits, clove essential oil has been used for centuries as an effective method for treating many different health conditions. In fact, 17th century records show that clove essential oil was a popular toothache remedy before the days of prescription pain relief medications. Clove Oil Uses and Benefits. It is important to know how to use clove essential oil properly in order to be able to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer (source).

Clove oil is known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, analgesic, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. It’s often used as a treatment for arthritis, headaches and oral health conditions. Additionally, it acts as a stimulant, triggering enhanced cognitive function when inhaled.

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There are many different ways to use clove essential oil. Depending on the condition that you wish to treat, the oil be be inhaled, ingested or applied topically. In order to reap the full healing benefits of clove oil, it’s important to know which method of application is most effective for your specific condition.

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Clove essential oil can be applied onto the skin directly or can be combined with a carrier oil like olive oil or jojoba oil. Often, clove essential oil is applied topically to the skin for pain relief.

Commonly, this oil is used to treat headaches, toothaches and pain associated with arthritis. Studies show that eugenol, clove’s leading chemical compound, has incredible pain-relieving abilities and can reduce inflammation while stimulating circulation and numbing the affected area (source).

Clove oil is capable of relieving pain of the affected area when applied topically by absorbing into the skin and reaching the muscles, joints and nerves. For this reason, clove oil is highly effective when it comes to treating arthritis pain. Various studies demonstrate the oil’s ability to relieve inflammation associated with arthritis (source).

Clove oil is also applied topically as a treatment for fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot and dandruff (source).


Inhaling essential oils can benefit the mind and respiratory tract. Often, the oil is inhaled with an oil diffuser. These devices can fit on any surface and fill the home with aromatic steam by combining the oil with hot water. Another way to reap the benefits of essential oils through steam inhalation is to pour oil directly into a hot bath.

When inhaled, clove essential oil can treat respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma. The oil acts as a decongestant, thinning mucus and phlegm that can be clogged in the lungs, bronchial tubes and nasal passages. The anti-inflammatory properties in clove essential oil can also reduce inflammation of the sinuses and respiratory tract (source).

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Clove oil is also used as a stress relief aid as well as a mental stimulant. Linalool, a chemical compound in clove oil, can relieve anxiety and stress when inhaled. It also stimulates brain activity, alleviating mental fatigue and boosting cognitive function (source).


Clove essential oil is completely safe to ingest. It is used to treat infections in the body such as Candida, the flu and other common viruses. The oil is also used to treat digestive problems like gas pains and indigestion (source).

When the oil is ingested, it is capable of inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors. Studies show that clove essential oil is an effective cancer treatment thanks to its high level of antioxidants that protect cells from damage (source).


Clove essential oil is an affordable product that boasts an enormous number of health benefits. By understanding its various methods of application, you can use this miracle oil to treat a variety of conditions.

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