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Ways to Improve Mental Clarity Without Caffeine & Drugs

Suffering from a lack of focus and mental clarity can be a burden, to say the least. Whether it’s dragging through the morning grind; plagued with brain-dead fatigue in the afternoon; or struggling to keep your eyes open at night. Keeping your focus and concentration can be a daunting challenge.

Whether it’s mild or more extreme mental fatigue, consider the following basic ways to improve mental clarity without resorting to drugs or excessive amounts of caffeine. Then, we’ll offer up our natural home formula for mental clarity improvement.

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5 Tips for improving mental focus and clarity

Ways to Improve Mental ClarityIntelligence and mental focus are among the two most critical indicators of success. Intelligence by itself is proven to be extremely difficult to improve on its own. There are many ways, however, to improve mental focus. Think of it as a muscle; with stamina and repeated effort, your focus and clarity will grow over the long haul.
So to kick it off, here are a few tips and techniques for increasing your mental focus and concentration:

  • Follow a proper diet: In order to operate properly, the brain needs adequate fuel. And when brain fuel is low, your impulses and concentration begin to plummet. To give your brain the proper fuel, be sure to eat meals at timely intervals, and time your meals between big activities.
  • Clear your mind: It seems sort of obvious. But clearing your mind brings greater mental clarity. What we mean by this is stress and anxiety can bear down on the mind, which can lead to inattention. Try to flush your brain of any negative or worrisome emotions.
  • Exercise regularly: By expanding nerve cells, routine exercise helps your brain to operate at optimal capacity. Stretching, physical training, and intermittent movement can improve attention, memory, and comprehension.
  • Ease back on tasks: While multi-tasking isn’t without its perks, when you’re suffering from a foggy brain, simultaneous work can only worsen things. By focusing on fewer tasks, you’ll have better concentration and more attention to the more finite details.
  • Get good sleep: This can be easier said than done, especially if you suffer from a sleep disorder. But getting inadequate sleep is among the leading culprits for poor mental clarity.

These are all great daily lifestyle tips that can help improve your mental capacity – without having to load up on caffeine and other drugs. How we live our lives is essential to contributing to our cognitive abilities. Exposure to toxins, stress, and chemicals all can hinder healthy brain function.

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A natural formula that boosts brain power

As we’ve concluded, keeping your mind focused throughout the day can be quite the challenge. When it comes to using natural home remedies for brain function, more and more people are turning to aromatherapy. Essential oils have been used for a variety of benefits across many centuries – by many different cultures.
Depending on the catalyst, there are a range of different oils you may find useful. When it comes to promoting relaxation, here are a few single oils to consider:

  • Lavender: Promotes peace while stimulating mental balance. With relaxation properties, lavender can help clear the mind of stressors, which can severely hinder focus.
  • Ylang Ylang: Provides uplifting benefits to balance the body, mind, and soul. Ylang ylang can ease tension while stimulating a positive mindset, which motivates the brain.
  • Frankincense: Harboring meditative characteristics, frankincense instills feelings of confidence and satisfaction.

While these three oils help clear the mind, from stressors or a hyper-active mind, the following oils help with energy and general alertness – both of which can help improve mental clarity.

  • Peppermint: An intense, highly concentrated oil, peppermint works to increase energy, focus, and motivation.
  • Orange: With a sweet, citrusy scent, orange helps to brighten the mood and purify the air around you, promoting a positive and energizing environment.

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In addition to applying these single oils, another option is an essential oil blend. Blends consist of a strategically selected formula of oils to address a specific function. In addition to a number of single oils (including the ones we’ve outlined above), shop our store to see our relaxation and energy blends!

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