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Where to Buy Essential Oil Necklace Diffusers

If you are a veteran aromatherapy user, you’ve probably already heard about the many accessories available to diffuse your precious oils.

In addition to bracelets and car diffusing humidifiers, essential oil necklace diffusers have become increasingly popular in the oil community. Not only do they emit the profound therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, they double as a stylish accessory.

Below, you’ll learn about the three different types of necklace diffusers and information on where to buy these amazing little accessories.

Types of Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Just like any product, there are different varieties of essential oil jewelry. And while they all serve the same purpose – that is, diffusing oils – some options offer different benefits than others. When it comes to diffuser necklaces, you have three main categories:

1. Felt pad diffusers

These are the most common type of necklaces you will find. Attached to a chain, there’s a flat locket that holds a small diffusable felt pad. To apply your oils, simply open the locket, take out the felt pad, add a few drops of oil, and put it back into the locket.

The pad will absorb the oils and it will hold a scent for anywhere from a few hours up until an entire day. The time frame depends on the brand of oil you apply, the type of oil you use, and the size of the felt pad.

2. Leather diffusers

Leather necklace diffusers aren’t very common. There are only a handful of companies that sell these types of necklaces. Like felt pad diffusers, you apply your oil to a piece of leather and it will hold a scent for most of the day.

While they are durable and effective, there are two drawbacks to leather diffusers: Availability and price. The style of leather diffusers aren’t quite so mainstream – hence, the reason you don’t find a lot of companies selling them (although to be fair, this is a matter of preference). The increase in cost to manufacture also makes them more expensive.

3. Lava stone diffusers

The final type of necklace diffusers use lava stones. These are similar to felt pad diffusers in that they have a locket that holds diffusable material. In this case, a porous stone. Just add a drop or two of oil to the stone, swirl it around in your fingers, and place it in the locket.

Lava stones can hold a scent for a very long time. In fact, they can hold a scent for days at a time (again, this depends on the brand, type of oil, and size of the stone).

Buy Necklace DiffusersWhere to Buy Your Diffuser Jewelry

Now, where should you buy your essential oil necklace diffuser?

Like most products, you have two options: Offline or online:

Buying offline

Finding a brick-and-mortar store that sells essential oil necklaces can be challenging. You certainly won’t find them at Walmart or Zales.

Typically, the only places you’ll find them are small boutique stores. So if you want to buy offline, it will require a little bit of research. If you live in a big city, you’ll probably be able to find something within a reasonable commuting distance. Look for a small natural health store.

Below is one pro and one con of buying offline.

  • Pro: You get to see the products in person and try them on.
  • Con: Price. Due to the overhead of running a brick-and-mortar store, you will typically pay a significant amount more.

Buying online

Essential oil accessories aren’t a mainstream product (at least, not yet). So similar to buying offline, you won’t find any big-box e-tailers selling essential oil jewelry. You’ll have to find a “boutique” online company.

The pro and con of buying online is simply flip-flopped from buying offline:

  • Pro: Price. A necklace you might spend $25 to $35 offline, you might pay $10 to $20 online.
  • Con: You have to browse the products based on pictures, rather than trying them on in store.

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