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Essential Oils for Bed Bug Repellent and Bites

Bed bugs… Ick!

These obnoxious little creatures can be quite the pain in the rump. The flat, red and brown insects are the size of a mere apple seed.

And they’re not something to be taken lightly. If untreated, your bed can become a wasteland, considering all the cracks and crevices that make up your bed. Not to mention, in addition to infesting your sheets and mattress seams, bed bugs will move on to baseboards, couches, electrical outlets, and even your picture frames.

If you want to avoid chemically-infested bed bug repellents, you can create your own prevention concoction with essential oils – and heal your bed bug bites naturally.

Best Oils for Bed Bug Repellent

Note that bed bugs can be found just about anywhere – stores, hotels, offices, etc. Meanwhile, they can hitchhike in your personal belongings or even on you. Before going all out creating a bed bug repellent solution, first understand the warning signs of infestation:

  • Seeing the bugs, of course! Adult bed bugs are shaped like, and are about the size of, an apple seed.
  • Identifying case skins: As adolescent bed bugs become larger, they begin to shed their skin.
  • Discovering their droppings: After they feed, these critters return to their “home” and excrete brown and black stains on fabric or as mounds (depending on the surface).
  • Suffering from bites: If you suspect bed bug activity, and you are finding bites on your body, this could be a warning sign of infestation.

Now that you know some of the warning signs, here are the five best essential oils to eliminate bed bugs:

1. Melaleuca

Both antibacterial and antimicrobial, melaleuca kills off bed bugs and the eggs of their offspring. It’s disinfecting scent also helps deter the six-legged creatures in the future.

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2. Lavender

Ah, yes. Due to its versatility and relaxing floral aroma, lavender is one of the most popular oils. Well, bed bugs don’t see lavender this way. They despise the aroma. You can use lavender to both eliminate infestation while also preventing re-infestation.

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Bed Bug Bites3. Lemongrass

Lemongrass oil’s bold smell makes it difficult for bed bugs to bare. Not only does it kill them off, it prevents bed bugs’ eggs from hatching – reducing the chance of full re-infestation.

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4. Thyme

Thyme has natural insecticide properties that can kill bed bugs and prevent them altogether. Note that you should be especially careful with oils such as thyme as they are not always safe for babies or pregnant women.

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5. Clove

Holding a powerful aroma, clove’s potency can be a major deterrent for bed bugs. Additionally, it’s rich in eugenol, a compound that can be toxic to all different types of bugs.

Note that while these individual oils can work great on their own, you can also create an essential oil recipe by combining multiple oils.

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How to Heal Bed Bug Bites

As you may already know, there is an assortment of essential oils that can help with bruises, scrapes, scratches, and yes – bug bites.

The following oils can help with several symptoms that arrive with bed bug bites – everything from pain to itching and swelling. Remember to dilute with a carrier oil before applying to your skin, as undiluted application can increase irritation.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to different oils, so you might test out different oils to see which ones work best for you. Here are a few to consider:

  • Lavender: In addition to being a great bed bug deterrent, lavender is a healing oil that can soothe your bites. Not to mention, it antibacterial properties can help prevent blisters and infection.
  • Frankincense: Just a drop or two of frankincense can help ease the itch that accompanies bed bug bites. The ancillary benefits of frankincense include increased focus and improved mood.
  • Lemongrass: Like lavender, lemongrass can do more than just keep bed bugs at bay. The anti-inflammatory properties of lemongrass can reduce inflammation to make bites less painful.

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    • Jill Paul, this is what I use for traveling:
      7 oz Witch Hazel (Appalachian Valley Natural Products)
      8 oz Distilled Water or Filtered Water
      40-50 drops of these essential oils or 15 Peppermint, 15 Lemongrass 10 Cedarwood
      16 oz Glass Spray Bottle


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