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Essential Oils vs Candles Aromatherapy: Non-Toxic Alternatives

People use both candles and essential oils for a number of reasons. The more obvious benefit of aromatherapy is scent. But certain aromatherapy methods can also provide therapeutic benefits for a range of issues.

Assuming you are using all natural products, essential oils are great non-toxic alternatives to traditional therapeutic methods. In this article, we’ll go beyond the basic scents that candles and essential oils have to offer, and outline some of the additional benefits these products can deliver.

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Benefits of essential oils vs candles

Traditional candles can provide some therapeutic benefits. For instance, many people use natural meditation candle burning as a medium for stress relief. Doing so can help ease anxiety while purifying the mind of negative thoughts. In short, a pleasant scent can aid in meditation.

That being said, using essential oils can provide much greater results. As a method of aromatherapy, essential oils provide actual therapeutic benefits. This can be done by applying them topically or running them through a diffuser.

Essential oils like lavender and frankincense are natural compounds that have been used for centuries. They’ve been used for things like pain management, mood enhancement, and stress relief. Many people use them as natural alternatives to traditional medications (note: we are not doctors, so we cannot make any “treatment” claims).

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Candles that contain essential oils

Most candles are made of wax with some form of fragrance, in addition to various additives and colorants. There are also more specialized aromatherapy candles that contain essential oils. Candles that are made with essential oils – a common one being lavender – have more to offer than a traditional candle.

For instance, a lavender candle contains natural components that promote a calming environment. While not as potent as applying the oil topically to your skin, it does offer benefits that conventional candles don’t provide. You can also use a blend of oils for added benefits. For example, combining lavender and orange will stimulate a calming, but also uplifting environment.

  • Lavender: A calming oil that promotes peace and general contentment.
  • Orange: An uplifting oil that promotes positive thoughts and better focus.
  • Frankincense: A multi-purpose oil that helps to prevent stress and social anxiety.

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Blending oils together, whether inclusively or in a natural product like candles, generally offers more specialized benefits. Combining oils like eucalyptus and peppermint can promote healthy benefits. Meanwhile, combining lavender and frankincense can ward off stress.

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