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Meditation Candle Burning For Natural Stress Relief

Generally speaking, the practice of meditation candle burning involves staring into a candle flame while freeing your mind of the day’s worries. Many people find this form of meditation easier, as it can be easier to “let go” when you are focusing on a physical object rather than simply a mental mantra.

That being said, for some people it can be challenging to remain focused, without being distracted by your surroundings or struggling to keep from blinking. After some practice, though, you will become quite comfortable with this form of “open eye” meditation.

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The benefits of natural meditation candle burning

The number one benefit is just like any other form of meditation. It’s a way to ease stress and free your mind of any negative thoughts. First, here are several general benefits of meditation:

  • Regulate blood pressure while lowering levels of blood lactate, which can stimulate anxiety attacks..
  • Reduce tension pain and discomfort, including insomnia, tension headaches, and muscle problems.
  • Boost serotonin to improve your mood and general behavior.
  • Improve your immune system while increasing energy levels.
  • Help with general creativity, intuition, happiness, and mental clarity.
  • And on and on…

Meditation promotes emotional steadiness and harmony of the mind, providing nourishment when you feel unstable, overwhelmed, or emotionally drained. Doing this practice via candle burning offers a great way to boost focus and concentration skills, while leading you down an invigorating path of meditation.

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Essential oil blend candle meditation

Many people will use a basic candle when meditating via candle burning. While this still offers great concentration benefits, you can deepen your state of meditation when using a powerfully-scented candle. Aromatherapy oils in particular offer therapeutic benefits that can offer profound physical and emotional perks.

Essential oils like lavender have sedative-like properties that promote relaxation and general feelings of nirvana. You can find lavender as an ingredient in some candles, or you can use it as a standalone oil for topical or aromatic application.

How to effectively do candle meditation

Before jumping right into candle meditation, take a moment to prepare your space (lower the lights, close the window shades, etc.). You’ll find greater success in a room that’s not overbearingly bright. Just make sure the room is lit dimly at an appropriate temperature. After you’ve prepared the room, follow these basic steps:

  • Position the candle at around eye level and then go ahead and light it.
  • Be sure to maintain good posture that is feels natural and comfortable.
  • Stare into the flame of the candle and allow it to fill your mind.
  • As the meditation progresses, your eyes will begin to resist the urge to wander.
  • Imagine that you are breathing the flame in and exhaling it out of your body.
  • Allow natural breathing patterns to occupy your mind with a peaceful awareness.

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These are a few basic tips for candle meditation. Remember, while any old candle will do, you’ll find deeper relaxation if you use a quality aromatherapy candle that offers therapeutic benefits.

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