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How to Feel Euphoria Without Drugs: Induce Naturally

There are plenty of illicit ways to induce euphoric feelings. But there are also many healthy, natural-minded ways to feel euphoria without resorting to recreational drugs. These options consist of natural home and herbal remedies that encourage positive mental and emotional health.

Some of the suggestions we outline in this article offer more basic benefits, like for increasing energy and mental clarity. Some of the products we’ll be mentioning can even stimulate bursts of joy, pleasure, and euphoria. They offer therapeutic benefits that empower a healthy, more natural-minded lifestyle.

How to feel euphoria by inducing it naturally

Practicing a healthy lifestyle, with the help of natural and herbal home remedies, is the best way to experience lasting feelings of euphoria. Not only are most euphoria-inducing drugs illegal, most of them are chalked with harmful chemicals. In addition, these substances can lead down a path of abuse and self-loathing. They deliver a false sense of bravado with short-term “benefits.”

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Before detailing some herbal remedy products that we use in our household, consider these basic lifestyle tips for promoting euphoric feelings without drugs:

  • Get outdoors: Getting out into nature helps to create feelings of joy while promoting clarity of the mind. Some great options include sightseeing or taking a leisurely walk at a park.
  • Get regular exercise: Releasing euphoria-induced benefits, exercising regularly emits the same endorphins that many drugs trick your mind and body into releasing. The obvious benefit of exercise – over partaking in drugs – is it is healthy and delivers prolonged effects.
  • Have sex regularly: As you may already know, sexual activity induces feelings of euphoria in a number of ways – including emotional contentment, physical activity, and (of course) orgasm.
  • Get a massage: Similar to exercise and sexual activity, getting massaged releases endorphins, which in turn creates feelings of euphoria. Use massaging oils to experience even greater benefits.

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Home remedies to improve mood and relaxation

Using aromatherapy products can deliver a torrent of wellness benefits, including those relating to emotions and the body. Essential oils, specifically, are often used for inducing feelings of euphoria – and doing so without drugs, in a 100% natural way.

In addition to several blended aromatherapy products (which we will discuss shortly), here are a few single essential oils to consider:

  • Lavender: Offers calming benefits that resemble a sedative. These relaxation properties deliver a sense of euphoria and serenity to the body and soul.
  • Frankincense: An ancient oil, used as far back as Bible times, frankincense promotes positivity while easing tension.
  • Orange: As a citrusy oil, orange improves energy while enhancing mood, motivation, and the ability to focus.
  • Ylang ylang: A common ingredient among perfumes and other fragrances, ylang ylang offers a sense of serenity and an overall positive outlook on life.

Essential oils are often misconstrued as products that are strictly used for their fragrant benefits. But they have a lot more to offer. And they’ve been used for centuries to provide countless benefits for health and general wellness. And a common theme among these all natural options are their euphoric benefits. These popular aromatherapy products listed above each offer their own distinct therapeutic benefits.

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In addition to the single oils we’ve mentioned, there also blended formulas you can apply to provide even more versatile, but targeted benefits. For instance, mixing orange and lavender can enhance mood while providing a sense of peace and euphoria.

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