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Essential Oils For ADHD, Focus, and Concentration

Are you or your children struggling to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand? School, work, home life – we know, they all require attention. Whether it’s ADHD or that occasional brain fatigue, organic remedies like essential oils can work natural wonders.

There are various forms of inattention. Some of these forms are diagnosed from doctors, including those such as ADD, ADHD, or Autism. Anxiety can also be a stimulant for poor memory, lack of energy, and inattentive behavior. We won’t dig too far into these specific diagnoses, but more broadly address how you can treat lack of concentration and mental focus through aromatherapy (disclosure: we’re not doctors, so we can’t prescribe any treatments).

In some cases, individuals are paying attention to too many things at once, resulting in overstimulation. Other individuals have bursts of energy that make it difficult to stay in a single place, doing a single thing. This can be difficult for both adults in the workforce and children in the classroom.

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There are prescription medications to treat these “disorders.” However, there are also natural applications that can re-focus the mind in advantageous areas – without exposing yourself to harmful toxins.

Essential oils for ADHD and inattention

An all natural solution for symptoms of ADHD, hyperactivity, and inattention, essential oils have helped thousands of people across the world, from children all the way up to adults. First, we’ll list some of the common single oils used to treat inattentive behavior:

  • Lavender: Offers relaxing benefits to calm the mind, improve mood, and provide general feelings of euphoria.
  • Ylang Ylang: Calms your emotions while working as a sedative.
  • Orange: With properties of pinenes and aldehydes, Orange helps soothe your central nervous system while adding positive emotions.
  • Patchouli: Acts similar to Ylang Ylang (as far as its sedative properties), with characteristics of sesquiterpenes.
  • Roman Chamomile: Calms your emotions with benefits of esters. Fun fact: Centuries ago, Roman soldiers applied the oil before battles to acquire courage.

Each of these oils provide their own benefits that can increase focus, motivation, and drive through natural methods. Acclaimed author, speaker, and holistic practitioner Dr. Terry Friedmann has conducted numerous studies on the impact of essential oils on ADD and ADHD.

Dr. Friedmann contends that the common treatment for ADHD, the drug Ritalin, only controls symptoms in 70 percent of all cases. In short, it does not cure the disorder. Furthermore, Ritalin can inflict profound side effects in children, at times serious and sometimes even permanent. Holistic medicine, Friedmann argues, is an alternative that is not only effective, but much safer than toxin-ridden drugs.

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In one study, Friedmann found that the application of essential oils (including through inhalation) settled childrens’ brain patterns while improving general behavior and performance in education.

Essential Oils With HerbsDiet – Yes, it matters

Before we conclude with our landmark concentration blend, here are few ways to supplement any holistic alternatives that you may take on:

  • Limit sugar foods and drinks, as high sugar intake can stimulate symptoms of ADHD.
  • Add more fruits, vegetables, and protein foods to your diet.
  • Build a structured nutritional diet that allows your body to operate as it is supposed to.

Indeed, a healthy, routine diet is another natural way to ward of symptoms of inattention. Now for the ultimate attention solution.

Introducing the Energize Blend

Single oils are a great way to combat ADD, ADHD, and other inattentive symptoms. But if you want to maximize your results, you might consider an essential oil blend. Blends often comprise a number of oils combined in a single container that are formulated to address specific issues.

The blend we carry is a proprietary focus and concentration blend designed specifically for inattention (note: we no longer carry this blend). It comprises all of the oils we outlined above and more, including:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary

The Energize Blend enhances concentration while supporting healthy thought processes. It is effective for both adults and children dealing with attention problems, while delivering abilities to sustain focus through short and long term benefits.

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No matter what the age, keeping focused on the task at hand can be a challenge. This is particularly critical during the early years of learning. It’s also important in those formative years of developing structure, habits, and general foundations for living. This is where products like Energize help. Through a pleasing aroma of oils, aromatherapy is a solution that is easy and delightful for both adults and children.

Essential oils can be applied topically, directly to the skin (if you have skin sensitivity, you can dilute the solution with coconut oil). How to use it:

  • Apply to your temples and back of neck for enhanced concentration.
  • Apply to wrists and inhale deeply to encourage clarity and focus.
  • Run through a diffuser in the classroom (calling all teachers ;-)) or in your office throughout the day. This is great for keeping on task during those mid-afternoon day dreaming.

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Keep in mind, it’s important to understand the quality of the product you are applying, in terms of both effectiveness and general health. Cheaper oils can cause skin irritation and other adverse reactions, while not offering the potent benefits of pure grade products.

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  1. Looking for a necklace or bracelet for my daughter who has ADHD I need some kind of essential oils that will keep her calm and make her focus and pay attention while she’s at school I don’t want her on any medication


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