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Essential Oils For Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Somewhere around 80 percent of women suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy. In addition to heartburn, and even cold or flu like symptoms, nausea is the most prevalent symptoms of them all. One of the most difficult tasks is trying to deal with these debilitating symptoms without being able to take drugs that may harm your baby.

Many pregnant women find essential oils as great natural remedies for morning sickness and other issues. Many women even use them for the emotional stress and potential depression that can stem from pregnancy. The great thing about essential oils is there is arguably a cure for nearly any ailment.

Our goal in this post is to advise on a safe home remedy that can help with the many ailments that women deal with while pregnant. Consider it a guide for maintaining your physical and emotional well-being throughout the length of your pregnancy.

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Using Essential Oils For Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Disclaimer: For your information, some physicians advise against using essential oils during pregnancy. So for disclosure purposes, please consult your doctor before using any of these oils. We’ve used them extensively, but it’s always good to check first with your physician.

The ongoing nausea and sleepiness that comes from morning sickness can take control of your entire day. You feel like you’ve been hijacked. More aptly named, (NVP) Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy, morning sickness isn’t quite what it sounds – in that it generally doesn’t just happen in the mornings. Many times, it’s all day that you’re feeling crummy.

Certain dietary and lifestyle changes can counter the effects of morning sickness. For instance, getting adequate sleep and eating smaller portions of food throughout the day can ease your symptoms. Sea bands, which are acupressure wristbands for those who become seasick, have been found to be effective for nausea. Personally, I used sea bands throughout my pregnancy.

In addition to a number of vitamins you can take, more and more women are using essential oils for morning sickness. Peppermint is one of the more popular essential oils for treating nausea and boosting energy.

Here are some of the most effective methods for applying peppermint oil:

  • Diffuse 3 drops of the oil next to your bed to help with morning nausea.
  • Rub a drop or two on your temples for an instant energy boost.

In addition to peppermint, many women find the following oils effective as well for morning sickness and the discomforts of pregnancy: Ginger, wintergreen, lemon, and frankincense.

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Bonus: Natural oils for insomnia, stress, and emotions

As much joy as your little one brings you, stress and depression is common while being pregnant. So don’t feel bad if you’re enduring an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a physiological symptom that many women suffer through.

In fact, nearly a quarter of all women experience some form of depression during pregnancy (also called antepartum depression). You can’t help it from coming on. It’s a physiological “side effect.”

However, here is a natural oil alternative to fight off antepartum depression:

  • Apply 2 drops of lavender (if you have sensitive skin, dilute with coconut oil) to your neck, wrists, and behind the ears. This application method offers more immediate results.
  • Run 4 drops of lavender through a diffuser to promote a more calming, peaceful environment. This provides sustained benefits.

Morning SicknessInsomnia, or general sleeplessness, is another very common symptom during pregnancy. Lack of sleep can be psychological, or it may stem from a form of physical restlessness. Many women will suffer from restless leg syndrome at some point during their pregnancy. Back pain and other discomfort can also be a contributor to insomnia.

If this is a problem you’re struggling with, we recommend combining lavender and frankincense. You can apply it in the same manner that we’ve outlined above.

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Welcoming your child into the world

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy child. Depending on the circumstances, some medications may be imperative (again, always consult your physician). But there are plenty of natural and homeopathic remedies out there that can help get you through your pregnancy in a 100% organic way.

With all that said, a big congratulations on your pregnancy!

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