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Natural Homemade Energy Booster Without Caffeine

Looking for an all natural instant homemade energy booster that is without caffeine or chemical additives? Male or female, pregnant or simply natural minded, this mood and energy enhancer instantly works wonders for both your workday and and your morning and late night workouts.

Essential oils, also referred to as aromatherapy, have no shortage of uses. And many of these organic products have uplifting properties that can improve both the body and mind. Tiredness, low stamina, a lack of energy, you name it, getting through the day without cup after cup of coffee can be a challenge. Such fatigue can often lead to a lack of motivation. Which makes a long day’s work seem even longer.

So the question is: Are you looking for a natural energy boost that works without chugging coffee, soda or energy drinks all day?

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A simple natural energy booster

If you want to start off simple, peppermint is a great aromatherapy essential oil to begin with. Whether it’s a pulverizing gym workout, a tiresome day at work, or a busy day running after kids, peppermint can give you the pep you need in a 100% natural way. Not only will it boost your energy levels, it can also improve focus and mental clarity. When it comes to improving energy, here are a few great ways to apply peppermint:

  • Apply topically to the skin (if you have sensitive skin, we recommend using a carrier oil). Simply rub on the back of your neck and temples. It’s great for headaches too!
  • Rub some on your chest in the shower or put a few drops in a warm bath.
  • Diffuse throughout your home for consistent results.
  • Take a big whiff from the bottle for an instant energy boost.

Wild orange essential oil is another great aromatherapy method that harbors properties to reduce fatigue. In general, citrus oils are known for their uplifting properties. The therapeutic benefits that come from oils like wild orange have properties that can lift your mood, which improves energy that may be stunted by stress or depression.

Get better sleep with aromatherapy

Energy BoostIt may seem obvious. But one of the most important ways to increase your energy levels is getting quality sleep. It’s sort of a “duh doi” statement, but important nonetheless. Naturally, lack of sleep translates into lack of energy and an overall lower quality of life. After all, inadequate sleep leads to more than just tiredness; it can also lead to things like inattention, poor focus and concentration, anxious feelings, and more.

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There are a number of reasons people do not get enough sleep at night. One may be time. They work and/or play too hard and make a good night’s sleep less of a priority than they should. Other people may suffer from anxiety, sleep anxiety, insomnia, and general sleep issues. If this is a problem you deal with, your primary focus should be finding ways to get not just more, but higher quality slumber.

Well, there’s oils for that too. One of the more simple aromatherapy solutions would be lavender essential oils. Note that essential oils are not intended to treat or cure any form of illness. In addition to a host of other benefits, lavender promotes a sense of calm both physically and psychologically. This makes it a great oil for decreasing restlessness and increasing sleep. Also operating as a mood enhancer, this popular oil offers a calming solution that works well for many applications – including as a natural sleep aid. In short, lavender has been known to:

  • Curb occasional anxious feelings by promoting peace and tranquility.
  • Eases restlessness that may stem from physical and/or psychological symptoms.
  • Improves sleep with its calming properties.

Let’s recap

To conclude, let’s review some of these natural homemade solutions for fatigue and lack of energy:

  • Peppermint: Provides an instant pick-me-up for those tiring work days.
  • Wild orange: Improves mood and mental balance.
  • Lavender: Helps with fatigue that is caused by lack of sleep.

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