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What Can I Do About Hair Loss For Women?

Hair loss is especially prevalent in men. It may, however, be more prevalent in women than you think. In fact, nearly a third of all women endure some form of hair thinning during their lifetime. It typically becomes noticeable with age as a ponytail becomes skinnier or a scalp becomes more visible.

Want to maintain that youthful spirit – in a natural way? Everything from diet to stress relief, learn about safe, healthy hair loss “treatments” below.

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Reasons For Hair Loss in Women & Men

First, there are many reasons for hair loss.

Think of your hair as if it is a garden. The health of the garden (your hair) is dependent on what is occurring underground.

As Wendy Roberts, MD, a dermatologist in California explains, “Like a garden, a normal hair cycle should lead to a product, which is the hair. Growth cycles are important because when they go awry, that is one of the reasons we have hair loss.”

Certain activities that violate the cycle can prevent hair from growing the way it’s supposed to. For instance, chemicals, infection, drugs, and various illnesses can all disrupt this cycle. Here are some of the more common culprits:

  • Genetics
  • Losing a lot of weight
  • Giving labor
  • Excessive amounts of stress
  • High fever and other illnesses
  • Ceased taking birth control pills
  • Other medications

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5 Tips For Reducing Hair Thinning and Loss

1. Stress Relief

You’ve heard the adage, “Stress will make your hair turn gray.” Indeed, it can. The same goes for actually losing your hair. Excessive stress isn’t just bad for your general health. It’s also bad for your “beauty.” Consistent levels of stress can spike your cortisol levels, which are contributors to hair shedding.

To ease stress, try yoga, exercise, and meditation. Also, try lavender oil to relieve stress and get more sleep.

2. Scalp TLC

Hair follicles get their blood supply from your scalp. This is what encourages your hair to grow. So it’s good to give your hair a little extra tender loving care. Ensure that it is properly hyrdrated and nourished so it resists breakage. Moreover, maintain a healthy diet of walnuts, strawberries, vitamin E, and vitamin C-rich foods.

3. Coconut

Coconut not only encourages hair growth, it is a great conditioner. The proteins, potassium, and minerals in coconut curb the tendency for breakage. Two options we recommend are coconut oil or milk. Simply warm up a little bit of coconut oil, massage it throughout your hair, and rinse after about an hour.

4. Hibiscus

Also known as shoe flower, hibiscus is a great for nourishing hair, preventing graying, and treating dandruff. And, of course, curbing hair loss or thinning. To mix your concoction, simply crush some hibiscus flowers and mix with coconut oil to create a paste. Apply to your hair and scalp and let sit for two hours. Then rinse with water and shampoo.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils have a range of therapeutic benefits, including hair loss treatment. Rather than investing in traditional hair care solutions, try out your own essential oil hair loss recipe. The following recipe will cleanse hair follicles and boost circulation, which, in fact, can actually increase hair growth. Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 drops of thyme
  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 3 drops of rosemary
  • An oz. of coconut oil
  • A tablespoon of jojoba

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Combine the oils into a glass bottle. Shake well for about 30 seconds to mix the solution. Then, massage your scalp with the recipe for two minutes. Let sit for at least 30 minutes before rinsing your hair. It’s best to apply three to four times per week.

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