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Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelets & Necklaces

As you probably already know, the benefits of essential oils and other natural aromatherapy solutions are endless. But to get the most out of these products, you must apply them in the right manner. Depending on the “symptom” you are looking to address, some methods are better than others.

For instance:

  • For more instant relief for pain, you might apply an oil topically
  • For sustained benefits for stress or congestion, a diffuser might be the better option

Beyond the mere efficacy of each application is the practicality of the application. Have a cold? You might carry along a bottle of peppermint essential oil and apply topically throughout the day.

That’s not something you can do with a large, bulky diffuser. And depending on the benefit you’re looking to achieve, diffusing might be the better alternative.

But, as the title of this article suggests, there are portable essential oil accessories that allow you to diffuse on the go.

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Essential Oil Lava Stone Diffuser Jewelry

We’ve seen a number of attempts by manufacturers to try and combine functionality with style. Some haven’t even tried incorporating the latter, instead creating a clunky accessory that fulfills only its primary purpose. That is, diffusing essential oils.

That, of course, is the goal. Otherwise, you could go get any old piece of jewelry at a department store. Other manufacturers have made attempts to make beautiful jewelry, but with a less-than-stellar application.

For instance, you can find decent-looking bracelet and necklace diffusers that diffuse oils through a felt pad. While they certainly do the job, essential oils won’t hold the strong scent that, say, a lava stone essential oil bracelet or necklace would.

Felt pads typically will diffuse a decent scent for two to four hours. Natural lava stones, however, can hold a scent for days. Depending on the oil, you could take a whiff of the stone an entire 24 hours after application and the scent will be just as strong.

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How They Work

After you buy a lava stone diffuser bracelet or necklace, you’ll realize quickly, applying your oils is a simple task. There are different types of lava stone jewelry, but they’re all easy to use. You pour a drop or two of your chosen oil onto the lava stone, turn the stone in a circular motion, and the oils will soak into the stone.

As we noted, for most oils, you could inhale from the stone for days afterwards and still gain benefits. Still, all it takes is one or two drops. So it doesn’t hurt to apply once per day to hold a consistently powerful scent.

Additionally, you can combine oils by applying multiple oils to a single stone (if it is a necklace) or even applying a different oil to different stones (if it is a bracelet).

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    Thanks for your comment. No, all you would need is one bracelet. The same bracelet can be rinsed and then you can reapply with a different scent.

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